The Power of YouTube and Video Blogging

Many people will tell you that YouTube is a saturated platform, one where it is almost impossible to rise to the top and one that is now of little value to those who aren’t already well-established on the site. I’m here to tell you that this is not the case.

A little over 30 days ago, I created a YouTube channel to document my journey with a mother as she battled dementia. The purpose of the channel was to promote awareness about dementia and provide people with a window into what the real-life progression of dementia looks like.

I didn’t know what to expect when I first started this journey. I was nervous—nervous about whether or not anyone would watch me and my mother’s videos, more nervous still about giving people such intimate access to our lives. In just the 30 days since the channel has been live, though, I have been completely overwhelmed by the response.

So far, the videos documenting me and my mother’s journey with dementia have been viewed by over 70 million people across the world. Each day, I receive hundreds of messages and comments from people offering their encouragement and support as well as questions from people wanting to learn more about my insight on dementia. The level of awareness YouTube has allowed me and my mother to raise for our cause has been simply incredible.

One staple of these videos is my mother’s love for Wendy’s frostys, and most videos end with us enjoying one together. Just recently, Wendy’s took notice of this, and we have now landed a deal with them to put together a joint video they will push out to their millions of followers to help us further promote our cause.

All of this goes to highlight the power of YouTube as a content marketing platform. Whether you are looking to raise awareness for a cause as I was or you are searching for a way to better promote your business, content creation on YouTube as a marketing strategy is alive and well. Sure, the competition is stiff. Gone are the days when putting up a video of any kind would gain you thousands if not millions of views. Today, you need to have a video that really connects with your audience.

I feel as if the videos on me and my mother’s journey with dementia work because they showcase something you really can’t explain with words. Dementia is not a list of definitions and symptoms. It’s an experience. A heart-wrenching, up-and-down, roller-coaster of an experience. The videos on my channel allow people to be a part of that experience, and I think that’s the reason they have taken off.

The point is that if you’re creating content that offers an experience, or content that tells a great story, YouTube is still an incredibly useful platform. It has allowed me to promote awareness for dementia in a way that I would have never thought possible and still stands as the single-most effective content marketing platform on the web today.

Please continue to follow our journey with my mother, as we will be documenting everything through our YouTube channel. Thank you.

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