Increase Your Blog Traffic With A Viral Roundup

If you have created an expert roundup post in the past you will understand how powerful these posts can be. Some though just don’t have that special power required to push the post to new heights.

Why do some roundups perform well and others just well… flop?

It really comes down to one thing. How actionable your roundup is, the more actionable the better.

You see in the world of online content your audience only craves one thing… value, they want to feel like they are achieving something. I have done a fair few roundups, in fact, people have actually asked me to create one in the form of a guest post like this one I did for Zac here.

Results from Roundup on Blogging Tips

Everyone I have created leaves the reader feeling accomplished.

In the one for this blog, the reader can learn exactly how to get more traffic to a roundup post. If they were to put a few of the tips into practice they are going to get more traffic and this will make them look good.

This provides social currency and this is a must if you want that viral traffic. The next ingredient is social proof, by making the post an expert roundup we have a lot of influencers contributing, this is the social proof aspect.

This post has been shared 450 times! This adds more social proof too!

Let me show you how you can improve your chances of some viral content with your next expert roundup.

The Topic Is Everything

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to expert roundup posts is that they go too wide. They believe they have to create the biggest resource and in the process, they blow their chances.

What has more value to you…

100 Facebook Ad Tips from Experts


100 Power Editor Expert Hacks for More Results

The second, of course, it solves that one problem the reader is having… the lack of results!

What about this…

30 Dog Training Tips For A Better Behaved Pup


30 Ways To Teach Your Pup To Sit With The Help Of 30 Experts

Again the second solves one problem.

If your post is too general then your reader might not do anything with it because the tip they need is lost in the middle of the massive list. If the reader’s problem is teaching a puppy to sit , however, they now have 30 tricks to try.

This is a lot more valuable to the reader and it builds a huge amount of trust because they will see quicker results. When they use these tips they will remember it was you that got them there.

Find A Proven Topic and Then Niche Down

There are a lot of ways to find topics that have the ability to go viral. In my latest blog post, I shared ways to get a guest post on Forbes.

I started by using Buzzsumo to see what topics were coming up over and over again. I was also looking to see the number of shares each post got too. I wanted to find a proven topic that had the ability to go viral.

I noticed that guest posting topics come up a lot and from my research, they got a big amount of shares too. I needed my post to stand out though, I didn’t want it to be like the rest. That is not all though, I knew that I had to niche down, guest posting tips is far too general.

I headed over to Quora and got a handful of questions that people ask about guest posting over and over again. You could stop here but to make sure you get that winning topic you should ask the people you want to share it… your audience.

So I reached out via email and asked my readers which question they needed help with the most.

Getting on Forbes won the battle for my roundup post.

This post has been shared over 400 times in less than three weeks….

Guest Post On Forbes Results

Choose The Right Contributors

Choosing a winning topic can make or break your post but choosing the right contributors will make it fly. There are lots of experts/influencers to choose from though, so how can you choose the right ones.

You need contributors that have an audience, preferably larger than your own, but you also need to make sure that they carry a bit of social proof.

Celebrity bloggers have massive audiences and provide that social proof. Get them on your side first because once you have them the rest will be a lot easier.


Social Proof!

I have an answer from the wee man that works in Target, he knows his stuff but nobody knows him, do you want to contribute to my post?

Probably not.

Not because we don’t like the dude, but we don’t see a clear benefit. However, if I told you Amy Porterfield was contributing you would probably want to be featured beside this gem… right?

Get them on your side and feature them high on your list to capture people straight away.

Now for the rest of the contributors, you just have to satisfy the larger audience than your own criteria. Do make sure that they are actual experts too, look at what they have done and how they can help your reader.

Get The Contributors On Your Side

It’s great having the celebrity bloggers on your side but you want to impress them still. If you send them a lot of traffic they will be more engaged with you if your post flops they probably won’t help you next time.

The best way to ensure the post takes flight is to get the other contributors on your side promoting. The best way to do that is to ask them to check out the post when it’s live. Simply leave a click to tweet link, this makes it super easy to share.

If you know someone is emailing to their list. Let the rest of the contributors know, this will encourage them to do the same.

“Thanks so much for being a part of this post, Blogger X has said he will share with his email list so I think this will go far.”

With this statement, you are not asking them to do it but you are providing more social proof and putting the idea in their head. If you can get your post emailed out you will see a massive influx of traffic, well, if the expert has an engaged list.

It’s Over To You

Expert roundups are so powerful, you really shouldn’t underestimate their power. Take these tips and put them into action.

Focus on one goal for the post and give your reader a quick win feeling. Providing instant results instills trust with your audience. That’s not all though it helps them remember you. Thanks to you they have now got success.

More importantly, it helps make your content more viral.

Choose contributors that can add some fuel to your post. It’s a good idea to have a diverse group of contributors but got that bit extra and get the celebrity bloggers on your side. You don’t need to get them to share but get them to contribute to add the much needed social proof.

Do you have any tips to ensure your roundup makes waves in your community?

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