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Have detailed knowledge about how to make money online? Then why not start a blog and start sharing the secret tips?

It will open another stream of income if you’re sharing practical tips and tricks. To set up such a blog, you need to have a properly optimized theme for this particular niche.

Smart Passive Income Pro is one such standard theme. After looking at its Demo, you’ll start liking it for sure. But, I’ll suggest you go through this detailed review before making the purchase.

Smart Passive Income Pro Theme Review

Let’s start with the review and see if all those niche-specific features make this product worth buying or not.

Highlight Features

  • It has unique looking primary navigation area, where different categories can be lined up.
  • The homepage can be customized using eight different widgets, putting different Call to Action elements.
  • The homepage itself can have featured post links with title, summary and featured image.
  • The theme is translation ready, making sure the content is available in multiple languages.
  • Landing Page and e-Commerce, both layouts are supported by the theme.
  • All the visual elements are responsive to ensure proper functionality of the website on mobile devices.

Smart Passive Income Pro Theme Review1

After going through all these primary features, the theme must be looking worthy to you. But, you still need to learn more about it.

SEO and Performance

If I talk about newbie bloggers, Make Money Online is the niche they all want to start with. The moment they are aware of one or two money making ways, they are eager to start a blog. What they lack are proper knowledge and a decent experience.

In most of the cases, they end up having a blog which is not good enough to woo others. Or in other words, not able to convince readers that you’re really aware of the topics.

So, your blog needs to have a proper structure and it should be optimized well. Thanks to the Smart Passive Income Pro theme (if you’re using it), you need not worry about these.

SEO norms are followed to achieve better results in terms of driving more organic traffic. Still, I’ll advise having a dedicated SEO plugin like Yoast SEO which can bring additional functionalities to the table.

When it comes to the Performance section, most of the StudioPress themes are having a good scorecard. Thanks to the lightweight framework behind (more on this later).

A good SEO score along with top-notch performance is a perfect recipe. In fact, Google considers the performance of a website as a major ranking factor. So, the combination of these two is always going to give fruitful results.


The design part is not unique, but it’s niche specific, making it perfect for the target audience.

A blog specifically writing about how to make money online, needs to have better Call to Action areas, where campaigns can be run and maximum conversion is expected. It needs to have an attractive typography and proper focus on the content because that’s where maximum conversion comes from.

Smart Passive Income Pro Theme Review

Other than that, it needs to have top-notch performance and compatibility with the SEO norms, which we have already discussed.

In our case, the Smart Passive Income Pro theme is having most of the features which are required for this particular niche. Making the theme a perfect match!

As far as the design part is concerned, it looks good enough to have a branded appearance and drive the conversions. The typography used is attractive to make sure the content looks cool.

Other visual elements are also there to complete the recipe. The theme can also be used to create a landing page or an e-commerce page to directly sell products.

Genesis Framework

This framework needs no introduction, as it has been a leading WordPress framework in the industry since years. The same standard experience is being delivered even today and Genesis continues to stay one of the simplest and lightweight frameworks.

Compared to other modern frameworks out there, Genesis is being too simple! It has very few options to tweak, which has both pros and cons.

Smart Passive Income Pro Theme Review3

Pros being, it’s easy to handle and stays lightweight while Cons being, it’s missing many modern features which might or might not be needed.

Thanks to the third-party plugins, the Cons part can be overcome, as one can add a particular functionality easily.

Example – Simple Share named plugin can be added to have social sharing buttons on any StudioPress theme.

The default framework can let you change the color scheme, select a particular layout option out of the available ones, disable or enable breadcrumbs, and a couple of more functionalities.

Rest of the functionalities and visuals are handled by the Child theme, which also comes with certain customization options. Other than that, everything is straightforward, motivating you to focus on content marketing, social marketing, and other aspects.

In short, Genesis framework is the backbone of Smart Passive Income Pro theme and it is rock solid.

Over to You

Now that you’re aware of pros and cons of the theme, I hope you’re in a better position to make the final call.

Smart Passive Income Pro theme is good for running a blog on Make Money Online niche or not? What’s your opinion now?

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