How to Sell 465 Audio Books Passively

I was pleasantly surprised to see I’m nearly halfway to selling 1,000 audio books.

The cool part? Most sales have been passive.

I had all but forgotten to check metrics until recently.

Save a free giveaway for a week – for my first published audio book – I have given little attention and energy to promoting these bad boys.

Why Sell Audio Books?

  • leverage your presence by converting your eBooks to audio books
  • give readers a convenient way to listen to content as they commute, work around the house or exercise
  • tap into the monstrously large iTunes store on Amazon

How to Sell Audio Books

If you want to develop a passive income stream for an increasingly popular, convenient to consume form of content follow these 7 tips.

1: Have Fun Writing the eBooks

Have fun writing eBooks you later convert to audio books.

I genuinely enjoyed the process of writing and self-publishing 126 eBooks. That fun energy carried over to the audio books, which helped me detach some from selling/outcomes.

Note; I only converted a handful of these eBooks to audio books.

Purify your driver. You may want to generate healthy sales through your audio books but make it about helping folks and having fun to increase your sales over the long run.

2: Co Create with Producers

Do not bother trying to record an audio book unless you have access to a professional recording studio. The folks at ACX (where you co-create the audio books) are sticklers for having the proper setting to produce a quality sounding eBook.

I simply chose to work with producers to ease through the creation process.

How it works: upload a PDF of the eBook you intend to convert to audio. Producers audition for the read. You listen to these voice actors to find a match.

I usually find a good match after 1-2 auditions. Be clear on the voice you wish to convey. Ponder your brand message. I tend to go with light, buoyant voices to match the Blogging From Paradise brand.

3: Volume Publish  (Quality and Quantity)

Once you approve a producer the actor records the audio book. On your approval – and ACX’s approval – your audio book goes live. Excellent.

Feel free to go wild. Write quality eBooks. Convert each eBook to audio book. Think valuable volume. If you help folks persistently by tackling eBooks topics related to your niche why not become a prolific audio book co-creator?

This is one reason why I’ve sold 465 audio books passively. 2 audio books nabbed a healthy chunk of my sales yet my robust library helped me net nearly 500 unit sales, versus relying heavily on 1 or 2 audio books to generate half a thousand sales.

Tackle topics you love writing about – tip #1 – and keep converting those suckers to audio book.

4: Distribute on Audible, Amazon and iTunes

Go with the option to distribute audio books on Audible, Amazon and iTunes to expand your reach far and wide. While observing my sales stats I noted a fairly even distribution between the 3 channels.

Some folks are Apple nuts; these folks shop on your iTunes store. Other fans buy through Amazon while a 3rd crowd chooses Audible as their digital storefront.

Think exposure over immediate profits. Split commissions with Audible, Amazon, iTunes and the producer to reach a huge, targeted audience.

5: Spin the Promotional Top Once in a While

OK; I made a wee little white lie, I reckon.

100% passive profits are nearly impossible until you get really famous. Most bloggers need to spin the promotional top once in a while to keep sales moving forward smoothly.

I publish a guest post here and there on The Huffington Post linking in to one of my audio books on iTunes.

I promote these posts lightly; easy peasy marketing.

Like when you lightly tap a spinning top which has some serious momentum working in its favor, a tiny nudge keeps the top spinning.

6: Create Attention-Grabbing Covers

I have some sweet covers to nab wandering attention spans.

All Blogging From Paradise audio book and eBook covers contain images of tropical paradises personally snapped by me, like this photo I snapped recently in Inlay Lake, Myanmar.

I also add the BFP brand logo to each cover to differentiate myself and to program folks to remember the brand.

Pay money to have a simple, clear, powerful cover designed or craft an attention-grabber on your own to boost passive audio book sales.

7: Don’t Obsess over Sales

I know.

This sounds like a Jedi Knight offering audio book selling advice. Or perhaps a Buddhist monk.

I took a “set it and forget it” approach to selling audio books. My main intent: have fun and help folks.

Today was the first time I checked my unit sales in many months because I wasn’t terribly focused on increasing revenue through this channel.

I may observe my stats more frequently now – perhaps daily – but it’s because I am not emotionally attached to generating sales.

Devote most of your attention to giving. The getting becomes easier.

Over to You

Do you sell audio books?

How are you increasing sales?

Are You in the Market for an Audio Book?

You may want to co-produce audio books. Awesome. Dive into this game.

On the other hand, you may be more of a listening learner who enjoys processing blogging and online money making content audibly.

Buy a Blogging From Paradise Audio Book – or 5 – from my audio book store on iTunes for helpful, practical tips to dissolve your blogging struggles.

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