Are You Doing this with Your Blog Comments?

I am a story teller.

You know this.

But me telling my stories ain’t confined to my blog alone. I weave exotic tales via guest posts. I spin yarns through Quora. I tell travel tales through social media.

I also know the secret to creating traffic-building blog comments: tell YOUR story. Through your comments.

Generic, 3rd person accounts ain’t gonna cut it. Even if you publish a thorough, in-depth blog comment on a top blog from your niche, the *it* factor comes down to sharing your experience with the blog topic at hand.

If you are willing to tell your story – aka, your experience – in regards to the subject matter discussed in the post you connect with readers who peep the comments. Humans tend to relate to human stories. People tend to connect with readers who bare their soul, who share wins and losses, who impart successful tips and who explain what *not* to do via blog comments.

Watch this video from Thailand to see me explain the powerful technique of blog comment story telling:


Sure helps to see practical examples of powerful comment story telling in action, right?

Peep my friend Lisa Sicard’s – of Inspire to Thrive – comment on my blog:

She relates a super intense, personal story related to the subject matter I covered in the post.

I can envision Lisa going through the experience as I read. Which made it easy for me to pick her comment as an example for this post. Being memorable usually means being personal. Make it personal; not business. Reverse thinking from the Godfather movies.

The Biggest Mental Block to Telling Stories through Comments

I get it; you publish generic, 3rd person account style comments because you feel uncomfortable with telling your story through blog comments. I have been there. I felt nobody cared about my stories. I also feared being open, transparent and vulnerable. Even if I boasted of successes, the blogging world would become aware of me, my story, my blog and my brand.

Scary stuff to me, WAY back in the day. I would open myself to criticism, I could quite possibly be wasting my time and at best, I figured I’d drive scant blog traffic by telling my not too interesting stories via blog commenting.

Wow was I wrong.

People gobbled up my stories, like kids feasting on Halloween candies, binge-eating my travel tales.

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People love stories. Netflix. Books. Movie. eBooks. Fire Stick. Kodi. Stories. Stories. Stories.

But I needed to face, embrace and release a 4 letter F word – no not that one; we’re PG-rated here – and that word was Fear.

Only fear holds you back from telling your story, anywhere online. But if you get comfortable with being uncomfortable, letting your love of having fun and being free to overcome your fear of opening up, you will do amazing things in your blogging niche.

2 for 1 day! I have another video to share with you. This is a quick one.

I explain how to do freeing but uncomfortable stuff.

Your Homework

Follow these practical tips to drive traffic through story telling comments:

  • face, embrace and release fears about telling your personal stories through blog comments
  • relate a personal story to the blog post subject matter
  • be thorough; it is easy to write a 3-5 paragraph comment when sharing a life experience
  • share wins, losses, successes and failures….be human

I hope you enjoyed my videos.

Tell stories guys.

Your story is the most powerful tool in your blog commenting arsenal.

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