5 Tools to Use to Analyze Your Twitter Progress

We tweet a lot and we love it. We love to be heard. And Twitter makes it unbelievably easy to get seen and heard. You can reach out to anyone on Twitter and become a part of a trend using hashtags. No other social media network provides this range of publicity opportunities. With so much conversation happening online, getting heard is a miracle of today’s world.

But do you know who is listening to you exactly? What your followers like you tweeting? Why they unfollow you? How fast you gain more followers and how much you actually tweet?

There are many reasons to use Twitter analytics tools, for example:

  • Visualize your progress: Tools make it easier to see if you are moving in the right direction, how fast your reach is growing, and which of your tactics seems to work better than the others
  • Motivate yourself: If you are just starting and you are not seeing much impact from your social media actions in terms of conversations, clicks and conversions, being able to see your network growing is a great way to push yourself forward for more results
  • Discover more people to interact with, find who interacts with you more. Twitter is all about engagement. You cannot have a solid Twitter presence unless you communicate back and forth with your network.
  • Publicize your stats on your blog to share your milestones with your readers and thus grow your engaged network

The following tools will let you analyze your tweeting habits and progress:

1. Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics

The most obvious tool on the list, Twitter’s own analytics feature was launched a while ago, yet many users do not still realize how valuable it can be.

The web interface is somewhat limited in search and sorting capabilities, so I rarely use it. What I like more about the tool is the ability to export your whole Twitter activity to Excel to play more with the data.

The Excel spreadsheet contains numbers for replies, retweets, likes, etc. for each tweet you have published – which means you can easily identify your most successful tweets and draw necessary conclusions.

I also check “Highlights” part of my Twitter analytics web dashboard to quickly check how my account is doing:

  • Is any of the metrics (impressions, visits, mentions) dropping?
  • What was my most successful recent tweet?
  • What was my most powerful recent mention?

Besides, it also offers some handy stats on how many times your tweets were favorited, how many links you tweeted, how many of your lists were followed, etc. All in all, the tool gives you tons of analytics data for free.

If your site has Twitter cards enabled, you’ll get even more detailed analytics data including other people tweeting your content and how Twitter users interact with tweets containing your site URLs.

You’ll also find “Events” tab very useful showing you which trends Twitter users are discussing at any given moment and allowing you to see the demographics of most useful people discussing the event.

Twitter analytics events

You’ll also see top tweets covering the trend allowing you to learn from the best.

This gives you a ton of information on how to best cover the trends on your site and how to become part of the trend on Twitter.

2. TweetStats


TweetStats is a robust little app that analyzes and visualizes your Tweeting habits. With it you can see how much your tweet, as well as:

  • Your tweet density;
  • Who you reply most of the time;
  • Who you retweet.
  • Who you reply

You can use the tool to analyze your own account as well as any other user (the tool doesn’t require authentication).

3. Twitter Counter


Twitter Counter is a paid tool to analyze how quickly your acquire new following. It creates a flash graph visualizing your following numbers over time:

  • You can set the graph to show your weekly, monthly, 3-monthly and 6-monthly progress;
  • You can visualize how much you tweet;
  • You can see the mixed view to compare how your tweet activity is related to your following numbers.
  • See stats for your interactions

There are also additional embedded tools offered:

  • Widgets to share your progress with your blog readers;
  • Buttons to invite follow you on Twitter.

You can also set up your “Milestone” notifications: posting an automatic tweet whenever you reach XX followers.

Twitter Counter is a paid tool but they do have a free trial option (no credit card required) for you to test the tool before deciding if you want to move forward and pay.

4. Cyfe


Cyfe is an ideal solution if you have to monitor several Twitter accounts, e.g. your personal one and your blog account.

Cyfe is a multi-purpose social media dashboard which lets you easily monitor all kinds of business-related stats including social media marketing metrics.

Cyfe lets you create a separate dashboard to monitor Twitter account growth and you can create an unlimited number of Twitter accounts to it. What I like to do is to add Google Analytics chart next to each Twitter account to monitor Twitter referrals too.

Cyfe is a paid tool but it is incredibly affordable and it has a free trial too (no credit card required).

Quick tip: You can create multiple Twitter accounts using free email services like Gmail and AOL (having multiple accounts is not against Twitter TOS. Twitter is much more flexible in this respect than Facebook).

5. ManageFlitter


What used to be primarily a tool to manage your unfollowers, ManageFlitter has evolved into a great analytics tool showing you how your account is growing.

My favorite feature is “PowerPost” that identifies your most successful days and time of the day to publish tweets and lets you easily schedule more tweets for those tome slots. It’s a great way to create a week-worth Twitter editorial calendar.

ManageFlitter is a freemium tool, so you can sign up and play with it features for free before you decide if you need more.

The trick with social media marketing is to always evolve: you won’t know what works and what doesn’t unless you try, therefore Twitter analytics is such a wise thing to explore. Thanks to these tools you can see what your followers seem to like, what you are doing wrong and how successfully you proceed. Good luck!

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