1 Tip to Go from Employee to Full Time Pro Blogger

You cannot outrun a life you fear returning to.

I know.

I tried.

After struggling like a worm flip-flopping on piping hot concrete for years I finally understood this basic truth: to become a full time, professional blogger I had to face, embrace and release my fear that I’d have to be an employee again.

I predominantly feared that I’d need to be a 9-5er again. Naturally, as I tried to outrun my old life, my fears manifested in new ways throughout my blogging career. Not fun. REALLY not fun.

Ya gotta make this shift: go from trying to outrun unpleasant circumstances to following your fun, for the love of pursuing your passion. This is when magic happens. This is letting go fear and blogging from love. This is when you go from having an employee mindset to being a full time, pro blogging dynamo.

My Story

I started traveling the world because I feared living in chains. I feared working 40 hours a week for 40 years of my life. So I flew to Bali. Seriously. I *did* desire being free and having fun yet my predominant energy was: FEAR.

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That fear followed me around. Like a little cute puppy. Until I felt – in unpleasant moments – the fear and released it.

With the fear gone (largely) I was free to devote most of my energies to doing what felt most fun to me, for the love of doing it. For me, that meant blogging about travel and blogging, building a new brand and helping folks circle the globe through blogging, as I had.

Watch the video of me discussing this critical shift:

Employee Mindset Versus Pro Blogger Mindset

Some employees love their jobs. Awesome.

But many employees are working from a place of fear. Fear of running out of money. Fear of losing benefits. Fear of accepting responsibility, of calling the shots in their life. I checked all 3 marks on this Holy Trinity of employee fears a while back. Until I faced, embraced and released these fears by:

– meditating daily
– setting aside time for serious introspection
– digging deep to unearth unpleasant emotions, feeling these fears, and releasing these fears

By letting go my fears associated with running away from my old, confining life of being an employee I could clearly see and feel my dream life of blogging for fun, about blogging, travel and teaching folks how to island hop.

I shifted from Survival Mode to blogging with love.

Blogging with love, for fun, helped me detach some from outcomes so I could help people, serve people, promote other bloggers, feature other bloggers and I viewed my work/play as the reward, with money and traffic being extra….the perfect springboard for a full time, professional blogging career.


Be honest about your blogging career, and your life. Are you afraid that you won’t be able to outrun a life that you hate? Or are you blogging with love, for fun, engineering a dream life without worrying about the life you intend to leave behind (or that you left behind)?


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How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging

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