Why Not Sharing Income Reports Helped Me Retire to Paradise

Not sharing income reports helped me retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

I devoted virtually all my energies to giving. Not getting. To build this life.

Devoting virtually all your energies to giving helps you live your dream life because when not preoccupied with getting, the getting becomes easier and easier.

Don’t get it twisted; if you get clear on doing income reports you can rock it out, a’la Pat Flynn or John Chow. Both guys are killing it online. In a good way. But my own personal experience – and the struggles had by legions of bloggers, 81% of which never make more than $100 online – showed me that devoting my energies to giving (not getting) helped me craft a life far beyond my wildest dreams.

Scrooge McDuck

Unless you are Scrooge McDuck, hellbent on diving into a pool full of dubloons, money in and of itself is entirely worthless. Copper. Paper. Numbers on a screen. One really bizarre aspect of humans is we tend to place an insanely high value on manipulating circumstances and spending a majority of our lives to obtain inanimate objects which have virtually no meaning.

Money means nothing. Money is a means of exchange. Trying to prove you can acquire a means of exchange to gain the trust of your readers, and to help them do the same, is an OK driver but if you want to ratchet things up 1,000 levels you want to……

*Dive Into the Invisible WHY in the Visible WHAT.*

Money is a WHAT. A thing. An object. WHY do you want money? Does it provide a false sense of security? Or do you feel free, when you have a stash of dough flowing in regularly?

Answer those questions honestly. For if you answer with drop dead honest, clear, authentic responses, you will:

  • uncover what you most value
  • ironically, make more money than when you were obsessed with proving you could make money, and, then when you were obsessed with reaching income goals
  • untap your bliss
  • uncover your greatest joy
  • work primarily for fun, and for spreading love
  • see money as extra, or icing on the cake, or a bonus, which helps you make more money without even trying to make money

By giving my attention almost entirely to having fun and helping people – and not dwelling on the outcomes of each activity – I allow in prospering ideas, fabulous friends, blog traffic, comments, and of course, money too. But since I give little energy to what I allow in, outcomes-wise, I don’t get tripped up on stats or goals or profits or any of that getting stuff, which allows me to give like a champion and as my giving increases for purer, more loving, for fun reasons, my dream life continues to unfold in spectacular fashion.

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Money rocks. I live a worldly life. I still spend Baht here in Thailand. But I know when I was really focused on money goals – and when I pondered doing income reports years ago – I was too focused on getting, on outcomes, because to me, money symbolized the love I deprived myself of. Money was a false sense of security. I made money something it was not: love and comfort.

Letting go of those wacky drivers and lower energies moved me into a higher energy plane, where creative ideas flooded my mind, where I built bonds with power broker bloggers and where I designed a spectacular dream life of spending months in some of the world’s most exotic places.

I feel blessed to receive money for what I do.

I just realized that when I moved away from even thinking about doing income reports, I reached the next level, and next level, and beyond, as my blogging star shone a bit brighter every single day.

If you are blogging mainly to make money, why? What meaning have you attached to this inanimate object? Is the meaning loving, fostering and fun? Or is it coming from a fearful place, focused on lack and limitation?

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PS…If you want to see one of the most stunning places where I lived – for 4 months – watch this video of me gabbing in jaw-dropping Savusavu, Fiji.


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