3 Web Hosting Companies to Consider


So you finally gave in and decided to purchase a domain and hosting, to blog effectively.

Smart move.

I was clear enough to begin my blogging career by buying a domain and hosting through Host Monster nearly 9 years ago.

Peep the image up top. That is my home office today in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Choosing the right host (for me) gave me peace of mind and played a role in helping me build a professional blogging, island hopping career.

Unless blogging a cyber diary – for no audience save you – one must purchase a domain and hosting to:

  • own your online real estate
  • brand yourself effectively
  • convey a professional image to your readers

I wanted to review 3 potential hosting companies to help you make an informed decision for your hosting solution.

Do your due diligence and ultimately, follow your intuition nudge to choose the proper solution for you.

1: Host Monster

Host Monster is a well-known big box host I used for years.

Solid, dependable and offering you a rich selection of hosting solutions, HM gets checks across the board.

Support is strong and timely and you will score some sweet introductory deals from the hosting company.

One thing to be aware of: although customer service is solid, you lose a bit of the 1-to-1, intimate support and friendships you may develop with representatives at a company like Krystal (see below) as this is a huge entity.

Just something to note for your due diligence.


  • big box, respected, well-known company
  • solid reliability and uptimes depending on the hosting package your purchase (go premium for greater reliability)
  • strong support and big support staff to help you
  • cheap web hosting if you’re a new blogger dipping your toes into the blogging game

Sign up for Host Monster here.

2: Krystal

I have been with Krystal since 2014.

This UK based company stores its servers in a military bunker.

That’s secure hosting for you. Unless hackers have access to bunker busting bombs.

Anyway, I have been beyond delighted with Krystal as a host so even though attractive options abound I am staying with my British buddies.

Among the chief benefits of going with Krystal is that it’s a small but growing company with a loyal customer base. So Krystal employees are loyal, responsive and go above and beyond to offer 1 to 1, caring support to clients.

If you have a pressing emergency you can get tech on the horn 24-7. For less time-sensitive issues, customer support returns my emails within 24 hours.

My blog is up virtually all the time. Site speed is stupid fast.

Yes, the Holy Trinity of web hosting – reliability, speed, support – is satiated so I give Krystal thumbs up across the board.


  • excellent reliability, site speed and uptime
  • super support from a loving, caring staff whom you can build personal friendships with (this is big to me)
  • premium hosting solutions for prospective professional bloggers who want to do hosting *right* and affordable web hosting for new bloggers
  • affiliate program to earn credits which can be applied to your hosting package

Sign up for Krystal Hosting Here.

To get 5 pounds – aka $6.24 USD as of this writing – credit toward your Krystal order, use the coupon code: bloggingfromparadise

3: A2 Hosting

Since I shared 2 companies I have experience with it’s time to diversify options a little bit.

After researching different hosting packages the speed and uptime of A2 Hosting caught my eye.

I want to hand the mic over to my friend Jerry at Web Hosting Secret Revealed.

He wrote a comprehensive, fair and balanced, helpful review of A2 Hosting service based on his personal experience.

Jerry went above and beyond to include speed tests, uptime reveals, a sweet discount for signing up through his coupon code and he delves into the various hosting packages to see which one fits you and your blog like a glove.

Click here to read his stellar review so you can get the full 411 on A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting Review

The Verdict

All companies are potential solutions for beginning, intermediate or veteran bloggers.

Do your homework guys. Get comfortable and clear with 1 company. Pay for your domain and hosting.

Begin to create value, make friends and reap the benefits of owning your self-hosted WordPress blog.

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