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I must admit, Food Blogging is the new guitar! Everyone with a passion for eating new food items, trying new recipes every week, has a chance to become a known face in the industry.

If you already have this deep hidden passion and never ending appetite, then all you need is a blog and related social media profiles. 

Foodie Pro Theme Review1

To start a blog, it’s always advisable to go with the self-hosted WordPress option and a premium theme. Over here, I’m recommending an exceptionally good theme which you’ll definitely love.

It’s available on StudioPress platform, which is a well-known theme developer brand in the industry and all their themes are powered by powerful Genesis framework (more on this later).

Foodie Pro Theme Review

Foodie Pro is what StudioPress have named the theme and my first impression was really good. The theme looks premium from every angle, it’s lightweight and is packed with rich features.

Let’s start with its detailed review and see what all it packs and why it’s a good pick for a food blog.

Highlight Features

  • The theme offers custom page templates which can help the developer to quickly setup different looking and functioning pages.
  • The homepage area supports Widgets, which makes the customization part very easy.
  • Other elements like Header, Footer, etc., are also customizable using the Live Customizer feature of WordPress.
  • Every element at the front-end is responsive to ensure the blog stays mobile friendly.
  • The theme is powered by Genesis framework, keeping the base simple and secure.

These are the highlight features of Foodie Pro. I’m sorry if the theme disappointed you by not having tonnes of features and functionalities. But, that’s the primary feature here. The developers are focusing on keeping things lightweight.

SEO and Performance

SEO and Performance are handled by two different elements here. The SEO part is rock solid because of the Genesis framework while the Performance part is super fast because of the front-end theme as it is lightweight.

As per the latest SEO guidelines issued by Google, a website should have proper SEO structure and the performance should be fast.

If a website is heaving super rich design (heavy, in other words), then it’s performance will not be good, as it will take longer to load. The same website’s performance will be terrible in the case of accessing via a mobile phone.

So, having a good SEO structure, and fast page load speed is what every website should aim for. Fortunately, both of these primary factors are taken care of by Foodie Pro theme.

To maintain a good performance, other than this theme, your blog needs a good host which is operating with SSD hosting.


The design is my favorite part in case of this theme. Usually, all the blogs look same. They have a similar looking design, thus, struggling to stand out in the crowd.

Foodie Pro Theme Review2

In the case of Foodie Pro theme, the design is not only lightweight but also unique. The Homepage area is Widget ready, allowing the users to quickly make a possible customization which can further help in achieving a unique look.

Featured posts, Sidebar, Menu, Footer, everything is uniquely designed. The single post view is also attractive yet simple. From a designer’s point of view, achieving such a design which is both simple and attractive, is really tough.

In our case, we’re getting it all in the Foodie Pro theme.

Genesis Framework

StudioPress developers made this cool concept in the WordPress theme industry and it’s really powerful. Instead of having a single theme, they have a separate Framework and a separate Child theme.

The framework works as a base, keeping most of the things simple, secure, and powerful, while the Child theme is allowed to handle the design part.

In the case of all StudioPress themes, Genesis is the framework and till date, there are no negative reviews about it. It’s one of the simplest yet powerful frameworks available for the WordPress users.

It’s a simple tool, available at the Dashboard using which quick changes can be made in the theme, which reflects on the blog. You can easily add or remove custom code (like Analytics, AdSense, etc.) and customise with the available options.

Foodie Pro Theme Review

To make all these customizations, Genesis ensures that there is no need to write any code, thus, keeping everything user-friendly.

On top all these basic features, the framework also takes care of the security. The code behind is validated and secured one. Don’t believe me? Start a discussion about it in any community and you’ll have a strong reason to believe my words.

Foodie Pro is supported by the same Genesis framework, adding all these aforementioned features to the base. Need I say more?

Over to You

One thing you should be aware of before purchasing is that, the Foodie Pro theme is a third-party product. Yes, it’s not developed by StudioPress developers. However, the third-party developer (Shay Backs Design Company) are also offering dedicated support and future updates. So, it’s advisable to clear all the doubts before hitting the purchase button.

After going through all this information, what’s your opinion now? Will you consider Foodie Pro theme for the upcoming or even an existing food blog?

What’s one feature you liked most?

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