1 Reason Why Most Bloggers Struggle to Get Traffic and Earn Profits

Me motorbiking in Thailand.

I am in a throwback type of mood today.

Maybe because we are at 100 degrees in Thailand – again – and I wish to revisit cooler climes.

Anyway, peep this video of me from last year in beautiful Rivas, Costa Rica.

I explain why you may be failing to get traffic and earn profits:

Have Fun

Most bloggers struggle to GET traffic and profits because they fail to GIVE value, to GIVE of their fun energy and to spread love to successful bloggers (aka, give props). Worse than that, most bloggers do not blog to enjoy themselves and to have fun. Nope. Most are in this game conditionally. Meaning, they are blogging mainly to get, and if the getting ain’t happening these bloggers struggle like hell, fail, and usually quit blogging all together.

If however you blog mainly to have fun, you detach largely from trying to get traffic and earn profits. The fun is the reward. All else is gravy, or icing on the cake, or a cherry on top, or cinnamon on your oatmeal, or any other weird English-based saying indicating that traffic and profits are just bonuses….not the whole enchilada.

Meal Ticket Approach to Blogging

I viewed blogging as my meal ticket for years. I saw blogging as my way to put food on the table and to pay the rent. Taking this silly – and fear-based – energetic view moved me almost entirely into GETTING mode and away from GIVING mode. Not a good look. If you want to become a pro blogger. Pros give freely and do a good job detaching largely from getting.

This meal ticket approach goaded me to check my profits daily, hoping I earned enough coin to put into my savings so I could pay rent and eat each month. Employee approach. No good.

I failed horribly for years because when you are mainly blogging to survive you emit a desperate, scared, fearful, strained energy versus a fun energy. Desperate folks struggle because their desperate energy mirrors back to them as struggles. Fun energy bloggers succeed, their fun vibes mirroring back to them as increased success, traffic, profits, prospering business partnerships, loving friends and all types of goodness.

Fun Energy

My friend Lisa Sicard runs Inspire to Thrive. Check out her blog and her Twitter feed.

She’s having fun. She’s blogging mainly to have fun. She tweets to have fun. Sure she covers specific topics related to her niche. She engages. She helps. She promotes others. All practical tips one should follow to succeed online. But she carries a fun vibe that feels contagious.

She even inspired me (domain name fitting) to add more emoticons to both my Twitter and Instagram feeds, after I LOLed at her funny, clever, timely and fitting emoticon usage.

Having fun helps you to worry less and less about traffic and profits which frees you to help more folks, to create entertaining content, to promote other bloggers and to render loving service. All ingredients for succeeding wildly online.

Are you genuinely blogging for fun? Why? Why not?


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