Are You Hiding Your Products and Services?

I recorded this Facebook live video earlier today in Thailand:

because I spotted a problem tripping up even the most determined bloggers.

But before we go on, I wanted to invite you to purchase my eBook:

How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging


That’s it.

That’s the purpose of this post. Because even though attraction marketing works nicely – from a passive energy – it helps for me to share with you my products, eBooks, audio books and services. I do not promote my products and services. I share ’em. Freely. Because I am not ashamed of my premium offerings. Nor do I feel awkward sharing these offerings.

Nor do I hide away my premium offerings.

If I did hide away how I can help you, I simply fear sharing how I can help you. Which would indicate some weird, fearful limiting belief about money, or my self worth, on my part. Which would be all about me and would have nothing to do with you.

The Problem

Most bloggers feel uncomfortable sharing their premium offerings. The reasons vary; some feel ashamed, others feel awkward, others feel like frauds, some feel bad accepting a neutral energy called “money” from individuals. Some learned from blogging mentors with money-related limiting beliefs that you need to bury your products page under 15 layers of content. Others feel that they are 100% clear on making money, and need not ever share their products or services (Not seen a billionaire blogger yet, so nobody prancing around with this level of money clarity).

For whatever reason, you hide your premium offerings because you fear promoting your premium offerings.

The Solution

Freely share your products and services.

Write helpful posts. Solve problems – for free, through your blog posts – then, share how you solve problems for a premium. It is only money. I ask not readers to transfer their life essence to me to buy my audio course. Just $250 to learn how to circle the globe indefinitely as a full time pro blogger. Not a bad deal.

When you fear sharing your premium offerings, repeat this phrase to yourself, over and over:

“It’s just money.”

Practical Tips

  • get super clear – energetically – on your products and services
  • blog mainly for fun; don’t worry as the money-making ideas, and profitable partnerships, will come to you
  • publish clear, easy to understand products and services pages
  • monetize based on your passions, not based on profits
  • build your blog and brand around telling inspired stories; stories sell
  • share your products and services regularly

The energy you place into your products and services determines if your products sell, and if folks hire you for your services. Be transparent. Don’t hide how you can help.

Remember…’s just money.


See how my friend and fellow blogger Elizabeth K Bradley shares a clear “Work With Me” Page?

No doubt or confusion here. She links to the page via an easy to see “Work With Me” link on her blog too, which is why she runs a thriving consulting business.

Are you freely sharing how you can help your readers? Do you feel uncomfortable sharing your premium offerings?

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