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Internet was once dominated by graphic featured heavy websites, which were not at all fast when accessed via mobile phones. Now, the trend has shifted to minimal looking websites which are equally good in graphics but, consuming lesser resources.

Atmosphere Pro is one such theme which can be used to create a website for an agency and integrate a dedicated blog with the same.

It’s available for $99.95 at the official StudioPress website but, before making the purchases, you need to be doubly sure about its worth. Right?

Atmosphere Pro Theme Review1

Atmosphere Pro Theme Review

Let’s find out if this premium theme is good for the price you’re about to pay, or not!

Highlight Features

  • The theme is lightweight, developed in a way to consume lesser server resources.
  • It looks minimal and has a straightforward approach to deliver the content via full-width images or text.
  • The homepage area can be customised using multiple widgets which are one quick way to customise a website.
  • The layout is responsive-ready to ensure proper functionality of every element on smartphones and even on featured mobile phones.
  • The theme allows setting of an e-commerce portal and it even packs pre-styled layouts for the same.

These are the primary feature of Atmosphere Pro theme but not all. It’s time we look at rest of the features in detail.

SEO and Performance

The SEO and Performance scorecards are becoming very important for any website to rank at the better position in SERPs. Both of these factors are interrelated and depends on a lot on the type of theme being used.

In our case, Atmosphere Pro theme follows kind of a minimal approach in the design department, thus, keeping things on the lighter note. It helps in achieving a fastest possible page load speed test.

As per the norms set by Google, a website’s load speed is considered as a major ranking factor. In the case of using Atmosphere Pro theme, this factor is taken care of.

Coming to the SEO part, I am yet to use a WordPress theme which doesn’t need an external plugin like Yoast or All in One SEO. The case is repeated here!

Get the website setup, install Atmosphere Pro theme, and add any of your favorite (out of top 5 or top 3) SEO plugin and the SEO recipe is good to go.

To get the best results, I’ll suggest to implement Google Webmaster tool and configure it to check results and have more control over the data shared with the search engine.

From SEO point of view, the theme is well-coded and even if there are minor glitches, the developers are keen to push regular updates, fixing them all.


The design part of Atmosphere Pro theme is a mixture of Landing Page and Blog. The landing page section is right at the upper fold while the Blog area is kept beneath it.

The Primary Menu area is minimal to keep user’s focus on the Call to Action area. The Landing Page area is nothing unique, but it does make use of full-width available.

The Blog’s design isn’t standard, as it tries to deliver a unique look. Featured Image is kept on Left or Ride side, accompanied by Post Title, and Summary details.

Atmosphere Pro Theme Review2

This complete Homepage area is customizable using Widgets, which makes the editing process super easy. There is no need of learning how to code, rather, you can simply drag and drop a Widget and add a particular detail to showcase.

The Post layout is very simple, trying to put user’s attention to the content only. It helps in driving better conversions from the content.

The Footer area can be used to showcase either a bunch of Menu options or an email subscription module.

A dedicated Shop layout is also available, which can be setup within a couple of minutes. You just need to focus on product details, images and rest of the content. The design and functionality sides are taken care by the Atmosphere Pro theme.

Atmosphere Pro Theme Review

All the layout options available inside are responsive to ensure proper functionality on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphones, and even featured mobile phones. Unless you’re a newbie, you know the importance of this particular feature.

To see other site designs and templates that match this same look and feel, be sure to scan through our other WordPress theme reviews.

Genesis Framework

The framework in question here is one of the oldest one. Genesis has been in the market for years and since then, it has been able to maintain a top-notch standard.

In fact, there was a time, when there was no competitor available to it. StudioPress developers were among the first ones to introduce to concept of Framework and Child themes. And, it worked like a charm!

The same standard is maintained even today. However, there are many new frameworks available which are offering more number of features at the competitive price. Thus, giving a tough competition to the Genesis!

Atmosphere Pro Theme Review3

Since day one, Genesis is delivering a simple looking framework which is easier to learn and operate, and which is lightweight. All these standards have been improved continuously. The framework is still lightweight, as discussed above, which helps in delivering a better user experience and overall a better SEO score.

In our case, the framework is totally compatible with the theme in question here, giving a smooth experience. There are hardly any errors you’ll come across.

Over to You

Considering other themes in the competition and the review I just shared, Atmosphere Pro theme doesn’t look like a good one to buy. This is one of those rare StudioPress themes which I’m not recommending you to buy, as it lacks features which competitors are offering at a lesser price.

What do you think?

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