Are You Puking Practical Tips All Over Struggling Readers?

The author meditating in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I just poked around my iTunes audio book store and noticed something.

Feel free to buy an audio book or two to build a successful blog. Or to build your dream life.

Anyway, some of you may wonder if I ever talk much about blogging. I share practical tips and all. But honestly, I do so much inner work – and share these energy/inner world/vibing tips with my readers that you may sometimes wonder how much time I devote to sharing practical blogging tips.

Quite a bit of time, actually.

But I learned – during some lean days – that puking practical tips alone all over struggling readers only perpetuates their struggles. Sure wouldn’t help me grow my blogging business either.

Here’s why…..

The Analogy

Offering *solely* practical blogging tips to a struggling blogger is like telling a blind man to open up his eyes, to look around and to find solutions to his problems through his eyesight.

Please re-read that prior line. Because if you let this idea seep into your consciousness you will understand that struggling bloggers are almost COMPLETELY blind to good advice. Impossible for them to see good advice because they are steeped in fear. Because…..blogging is an energy game.

If your mind is dominated by fear you can’t see and use advice coming from a loving, fun, profitable space.

If you tell me that you are down to 4 dollars and you desperately need money, and I tell you to create value, to build an email list, to guest post and to comment on top blogs either you will completely ignore the advice or you will look at me like I just grew 3 heads.

If however I told you to grab a pillow and a bag of tissues, to sit in a quiet room for an hour, to REALLY feel the fears you have around losing all your money, and to cry out or punch out the fears, even if you feel a bit confused, your higher self will understand that all your blogging struggles are rooted in surrendering to your fears. So even if you don’t act on my advice you will know on a deeper level that it is true.

Up to you whether or not to act on the truth. But at least you are starting to understand; it is not about your doing’s, it’s about your being. Or, it’s about your energy.

Your belief, and clarity, in a blogging strategy, technique or income stream dictates whether the strategy, technique or income stream works for you.

Old Skool Video

Somebody just posted a spam comment on this old skool video – from 2014 in Phuket, Thailand – so it came to my attention a few minutes ago but my message still holds true today. First, focus on your energy, or belief, or clarity around some idea. Then you should dive into the practical side of things.

Watch the video:


– Meditate for 5 minutes or longer daily to become aware of your feelings, so you can face, embrace and release fears
– blog with love, for fun
– monetize only based on your passion; never open blogging income streams mainly because you’re trying to make money through these streams
– When a struggling blogger asks you a question delve into their fears associated with that area of their blog before you offer practical tips

Following these simple energetic tips helps you heal blogging wounds from the inside out. Versus just offering blogging medicine in terms of practical tips alone, which rarely provides permanent healing.

Are you offering only practical tips to struggling bloggers? How can you delve deeper?


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