How to Handle a Bad Blogging Day

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I think of a commonly held but untrue platitude. The one that professionals show up for work every day. Even when they do not feel like it.

Nothing could be further from the truth. At least for this pro blogger. Because I am a bit cranky now. 40 minutes ago I was even crankier. So I went to bed. Didn’t nap. But at least I laid in bed for 40 minutes. Resting. Recuperating. Topping off my energy.

I regularly take days off from work. Sometimes I work for a few hours daily. I am human. I have bad blogging days. Or bad moments.

The #1 piece of advice I offer to anybody having a bad blogging day: take a break.

Take a Break

The break could entail:

  • going to bed for hours
  • taking a light nap
  • going to the movies
  • jogging
  • walking through nature
  • running
  • watching Netflix
  • 1,001 other things to do away from the laptop

Blogging is an energy game. What you do means nothing. The energy behind your every moment – online and offline – means everything.

If you blog from a fun-loving space, you detach a bunch from results and see awesome results near and long term.

If you blog from a tired, agitated, worn out space you attach more heavily to results and see crappy results near and long term.

Force negates.

Power attracts.

This is why it is foolish to attempt to force your way through a bad blogging day. Your energy sucks. So your blogging actions will suck. As will your results. As will your experience.

You win no medals for working hard. Or working smart. You either allow in success or repel success through your energy.

Cranky Boy

For whatever reason, I am sleeping terribly here in Thailand. Have been for the month. Don’t get me wrong; I adore the place. I’m having a blast. But maybe the 100 degree temperatures every day and our active travel sked have taken their toll on me.

Sleeping poorly affects my mood. Like most human beings occupying their meat suits.

I was cranky as hell on waking. So I checked my email for an hour, went out to eat with my wife and on returning home I laid in bed for 40 minutes. I feel recharged, refreshed, and yep, blogging feels fun to me. Out with the cranky. In with the old, fun-loving RB. Since my energy feels good I will move into good-feeling actions. Which means I will write 3-4 posts today; 2-3 guest posts and one for Blogging From Paradise.

Imagine if I intended to barrel through those cranky feelings 4 hours ago? My day would have been a wreck. My work, substandard. All because I would have totally ignored my crappy energy, believing my actions yielded specific results when it’s my energy that creates the results.

Quick Video

I wanted to share this quick video I recorded in Thailand for all you aspiring bloggers out there.

You may feel it’s impossible to become an online expert with little or no experience, believing you need to strain, strive, force things and bust your tail through bad blogging days to become a blogging authority.

Not true.

Watch the video:

Chilly Chill

Take a blogging break guys. The easiest and quickest way to align your energy – THE factor in your blogging success – is to go to sleep, or to nap, or to exercise, or to watch TV, or to do anything away from your blog.

Taking a chill pill is the most powerful way to right a bad blogging day.

How about you? How do you handle a bad blogging day?

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