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You know what, this is the right time to start a blog on healthy and fitness. Especially, if you can write a lot about wellness!

In today’s era, everyone is trying to implement healthier options and exercises like yoga in their lives. In short, we are all trying to achieve a healthier and mentally stable lifestyle. If you’re good at all these subjects, then starting a fresh blog is what I’ll recommend.

Wellness Pro Theme Review

And, for a fresh blog, you’ll need a brand new looking theme which doesn’t look close to any other available ones. Yes, a completely unique looking UI!

Wellness Pro Theme Review

Wellness Pro is what you decided to go with and as far as design goes, your decision is solid. But, does this theme really good?
If it was available for $50 or something, then you would have picked it without thinking. But, it’s $100 (okay $99.95) we’re talking about!

Highlight Features

  • The theme is ready to use as a Landing Page.
  • It is equally ready for an e-commerce setup.
  • The homepage can be customized using 12 different custom widgets.
  • Every design element is responsive to ensure mobile-friendly layout is achieved.
  • There are three layout options which are easy to pick via Genesis framework behind.
  • The content is translation ready to ensure it’s availability in multiple languages across the globe.

Wellness Pro Theme Review1

These are the primary features being wrapped in the package priced at $99.95. Other than these, there are a lot of features which makes the package still a good deal.

SEO and Performance

I have said it N number of times that Genesis products are known for their top-notch SEO score and it continues in this case too. Once the theme is setup, install Yoast SEO plugin (free) and the duo combo is good enough to deliver expected results in terms of SEO.

When it comes to Performance, the Wellness Pro theme disappointed me slightly. But, that has to do with the good use of graphics at the front-end. The theme is good looking which comes at the cost of performance, but nothing alarming.

The theme is still a good pick and if you’re hosting the website on a good host (with SSD plans) then you can expect above average performance score.


Other than SEO and Performance scorecard, Design is one thing where Wellness Pro theme really excels. The homepage is uniquely designed with multiple sections to put different content blocks. There is a dedicated blog like UI too where all the latest posts are aligned properly to give a journal feel.

Dedicated sections are made to put elements like Email Subscription box, introduction of the blog, Call to Action, course promotion, etc.

Wellness Pro Theme Review2

Everything is well thought while designing the theme and that too as per this specific niche. These all minor features makes it all one good theme which you’ll consider even if it is sold at a higher price than other themes.

The background is kept white to give a bright feel and create a niche specific ambiance. This might look like a minor thing to you, but believe me, it’s really important to deliver an unbeatable user experience.

Genesis Framework

Keeping aside the features offered by the Wellness Pro child theme, Genesis is running the base. As a framework, it does everything required in a subtle way.

The framework is lightweight, thus, keeping things on the lighter side which helps with the performance, as aforementioned. The code working behind is validated which confirms that the things are secure here.

Coming at the features available, the Genesis framework offers very limited features when compared to other competitors out there. But, the one available inside are rock solid when it comes to functionality.

Like there is an option to customize Footer area, or change the layout or quickly change the color schemes. It never let you bring a drastic change in the visual aspect, which helps in maintaining a good user experience, keeping things on the easier side.

Wellness Pro Theme Review3

Moving next in the user experience section, the set of tools available in the framework are easy to learn. You won’t need to go through a user guide to learn how to operate it all. In fact, Genesis framework is the sole reason behind the fact that StudioPress product offers peace of mind.

The functionalities which are not available in the default setup can be added easily using the third party plugins. The plugins are available for free at the official WordPress plugin repository. There are many developers offering their premium plugins too.

Another good thing about Genesis framework is that it’s a quite old product. Thus, thousands of guides are already written about it. Other than that, hundreds of communities are active on social and forum platforms which can offer quick solutions. The official support team from the StudioPress can also be reached by Twitter, or Facebook, or Email, or direct contact. They are really talented and helpful!

Over to You

Finally, it’s your call to move ahead with this pricey theme or not. In my opinion, there are better options available for the lesser price. However, the peace of mind Wellness Pro offers, being a StudioPress product, is unmatched!

A tough call to make. I know!

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