1 Travel Blogger Mistake and How to Fix It

I recorded a Facebook Live video today detailing a common digital nomad blogging mistake.

Click the Play button to watch:

The same problem hamstrings many travel bloggers.

Here in Chiang Mai, Thailand – the digital nomad capital of the world – too many traveling bloggers or traveling entrepreneurs just slum it. When Thailand cracked down on expats and travelers overstaying way back in 2014 the Dirt Bag Trail of Tears slowly plodded toward Cambodia. Easy to nab a visa there. Easy to live on the cheap there too.

Hey; I love living in places where I spend $1 USD (35 Thai Baht) on this for lunch daily:

Yes. That is my lunch in Chiang Mai. With my wife Kelli’s lunch across the table.

We enjoy the low cost of living and high quality of life in this awesome city. But we also like spending money on:

  • renting a motorbike
  • shopping at nice Western themed grocery stores
  • going out to eat at more expensive farang (foreigner) restaurants

We have done the slumming it bit in the past across the board, every day. The bare-bones bit. The cheap bit.

Didn’t work too well. Because my fear of spending money reflected back to me as blogging struggles.

The Big Travel Blogging Mistake

1 huge travel blogger mistake is building your traveling lifestyle on slumming it, or cheaping out, or spending as little money as humanly possible on the necessities.

This energy/attitude seeps into your blogging life, influencing you to:

  • buy crappy web hosting for your blog
  • use a free blogging platform to avoid paying for a domain and hosting
  • network with blogging bottom feeders
  • avoid paying for a premium theme
  • avoid paying for a CDN to speed up your blog
  • avoid paying for blogging courses or blogging eBooks that would help advance your career

If you live like a bum offline you will usually live like a bum online.

Blogging is an energy game; meaning, if you bring the same fear-filled, poverty-conscious, non-abundant energy from your travels and offline life to your blogging venture, this same crappy energy will bleed through your blog and brand, destroying your chances at becoming successful and prolonging your misery and failure.

How to Address this Problem

Spend some freaking money! Have fun spending your money!

Enjoy spending money.

Be abundant.

Don’t do EVERYTHING with your travels on a budget. Pay for a premium. In some areas of your life.

Example; my wife Kelli and I became violently ill 3 weeks ago in Myanmar with stomach issues. I fell ill during an 8 hour bus ride; highly unpleasant experience.

After we recovered we had a 12 hour bus ride lined up from Inle Lake to Yangon. So instead of spending 12 hours on a bus because we were obsessed about sticking to a budget or traveling on the cheap we bought plane tickets and a 12 hour trip turned into a smooth 45 minute flight.

Be abundant.

Because making abundant choices offline leaks into your blogging campaign.

You won’t fear paying $10 or $20 a month for premium hosting.

Pay to be a professional blogger. Pay up offline. Make abundant choices. Online and offline.

You’ll accelerate your blogging success when you are BEING a pro blogger. This being involves investing in your business and investing in your comfort offline, too.

Feel free to do house sits. You can eat on the cheap sometimes too. Just don’t build your travels entirely around slumming it because this fearful energy will destroy your blogging campaign.

Resources for Bloggers

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