What Blogging Brand Image Are You Speaking to Your Readers?

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I snapped the above photo while enjoying breakfast at Butter Is Better restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand this morning. I also learned a neat lesson on how to brand your blog.

BIB is one of my favorite haunts. Because it is owned by a NYC expat who fashions it after the traditional New York/New Jersey diner Kelli and I grew up with. Pancakes with syrup, bagels with cream cheese, fresh orange juice, coffee, meats, the whole shebang.

Even though we enjoy Thai food and eat it for lunch 6 days a week when here in the Land of Smiles, we need a Western change up sometimes. A diner change up.

Eating at BIB reminds us of New Jersey. Familiar. Comfortable. Darn tasty diner fare.


This restaurant teaches you brilliant branding lessons. On 2 levels.

1: Butter Is Better is branded through and through as a New York/New Jersey diner. It BLEEDS diner. This coming from a couple who spent 3 decades enjoying NY/NJ diner fare. From the food to the tables to the interior decor, it remains fully aligned to and 100% true to the diner brand. Brilliantly true.

2: The owner cleverly posts cut outs from comic books and mail order magazines on table tops. These blasts from the past are funny, entertaining and goodness me, does each teach you a blog branding lesson.

Peep the image up top. No lack of clarity in the message conveyed. This Cosmic Vision Helmet helps you remain hidden while you spy on your neighbors. Big text. Colorful images. Traditional 1950’s ad copy and branding.

Like it or not, your blog emits a loud and clear branding image to readers. Or maybe the brand image is unclear and confusing. Maybe you speak a garbled message. Or desperate message. Or brilliantly clear, concise, focused, fun message.

In any case, you inject the branding energy and message into your blog. You speak the message. Your readers just reflect back to you whatever energy you gave to the brand presentation.


Visit my blog:

Blogging From Paradise

Everything on my blog aligns with blogging from paradise.


  • the domain name
  • the green coloring both at the page top and in my brand logo
  • the palm trees in my brand logo
  • the video of a tropical paradise beach, with clear water transitioning to blue water, the surf gently lapping at the shore
  • my image in a Costa Rican paradise (on home page) to my greeting text
  • my latest blog posts
  • the Blogging From Paradise logos on every eBook cover

When you click through to my blog:

Blogging From Paradise Blog

you get the same deal.

Peep my sidebar. The brand message screams Blogging From Paradise. From my selfies in paradise. To my blog courses with the BFP brand logo on covers, to eBook covers graced with the BFP brand logo, to anything and everything on my blog.

Everything is Blogging From Paradise. No BS Adsense ads – which would NOT be aligned with Blogging From Paradise – or other junk filler that would dilute my brand.

All BFP. All the time.

Your Homework

Observe your blog. Honestly. What brand message does it convey? What blogging brand message do you speak to your readers?

Trash anything not aligned with your brand.

Being honest, my old blog was basically me puking a hodge podge of content onto my readers. My branding message sucked. Unclear. Random, Not aligned. But when I created Blogging From Paradise I clearly stuck to my brand message. All elements needed to align with the idea of blogging from paradise to send a loud, clear and inspiring message to my readers.

Do You Need Blogging Help?

If you need help with branding your blog purchase one of my online courses from the:

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