Meet Adeel Sami of

If you have not met Adeel Sami it is time to connect with him.

Adeel is an up and coming blogger from Pakistan who’s beginning to make waves in the blogosphere.

If you scour comments on top blogging tips blogs, you will certainly find AS. He is a blog comment lounge lizard after my own heart. Not only that, the guy genuinely cares about his fellow bloggers. He is in the blogging game to help people and to make friends with fellow rocking bloggers in his niche.

I wanted to introduce you to Adeel because he is a heart-centered blogger. These kind, loving, generous bloggers do things more from a place of fun than fear. Heart-centered bloggers help, assist and serve the current and future blogging generations, providing you with a shining example of how to do things right.

I’ve also enjoyed watching my friend’s rapid growth as he gets clearer and clearer on his blog’s direction and his writing style. It is one thing to put your heart in the right place but quite another to boldly practice writing, to follow successful steps and to raise your energy on a daily basis. That’s Adeel.

Mr. Sponge

He absorbs successful blogging advice – like a thirsty sponge – and turns around and teaches these smart lessons to his fellow blogger. Brilliant. This quality is sorely lacking in many bloggers on the come up. Most wrongly believe that until they have become some huge blogging name that nobody would want to learn from them or trust them. Pure bull dooky. If you learn proven blogging tips by studying the advice and actions of successful bloggers the most generous, loving, fun and abundant thing to do is to share these lessons with fellow bloggers.

How do ya think I did it? How does EVERY blogger do it? We learn. We teach. And the rocking bloggers like Adeel whittle down that turn around time between absorbing and learning lessons and teaching said lessons.

Peep his latest post:

What Essential Pages Should a New Blog Have?

Adeel breaks down the 3 pages every new blog should have at a bare minimum.

Most new bloggers make the mistake of ignoring 1 – or all 3 – of these pages. Struggling veteran bloggers usually forget or outright neglect adding 1, 2 or all 3 of these pages. Mr. Sami is offering dead on advice – right up my alley, really – in his own writing style… I had to shout him out.

Connect with Adeel. Learn from him. Help him out. Comment on his blog. Tweet his posts.

More than anything, befriend this up and coming blogging star.

You’ll be happy you did.

I want to cut this post short so you can click through and get to know Adeel Sami now:

Adeel Sami Dot Com

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