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Did you know that 8 out of 10 bloggers are looking to pick a magazine style theme for their next blog?  It’s true and there is a strong reason behind this. Everyone wants to deliver a magazine standard look to the reader so that the blog looks like an authority.

To maintain that authority, the blog needs to be updated regularly with quality content. But, that’s another day’s story!

Today, we are looking at Magazine Pro theme which is one of the oldest and popular magazine-style WordPress themes. I don’t have access to the exact statistics but, it’s coming from my past experience that Magazine Pro is one of their hot selling product.

The question which comes now, is if this theme still that good? Or should opt for a brand new release by StudioPress or any other developer.

Let’s find out!

Magazine Pro Theme Review

Magazine Pro is one of those rare themes, which have been used by millions of bloggers so far, and you can find thousands of reviews online.

Still, you shouldn’t go for it without thinking twice. So, here is a detailed review of the same and my personal thoughts about it, as a user.

Highlight Features

  • It features the magazine look which is of a decent standard.
  • The performance of this theme is superb, considering everything is on the lighter side.
  • The SEO part is rock solid as it has been continuously evolved and updated, thus, keeping check with the modern techniques and norms.
  • It has dedicated cutouts for advertisement banners, and email subscription. Or in other words, dedicated Call to Action areas.
  • It has multiple Menu options and multiple layout options to go with.

These are the highlight features and there are hundreds of minor features which together makes Magazine Pro a perfect choice. You can check a complete list of features before finalizing the purchase.

SEO and Performance

Compatibility of StudioPress products with SEO norms have always been of top-notch standard and nothing changes in our case. The theme we’re talking about is equally good in SEO score as of any other in the competition.

On top of these features, the theme is lightweight which helps in achieving a really good score when it comes to performance. As per the latest norms set by Google, the page load time is considered as a ranking signal. So, a webpage which loads faster, on the desktop and especially on mobile phones, is going to have a better rank at SERPs.

Unless the blog is hosted on a poor server and is having high size pictures, the performance will always be good. Proper SEO compatibility with a good performance will definitely help a blog to get better ranking in SERPs, which is the ultimate goal.


As one can expect, Magazine Pro theme uses a magazine-style look. However, the one it uses is not among the favorite in modern time. But, it still doesn’t look that outdated!

A proper space is given to the Featured Post followed by two or three highlight post. Later, it can showcase the list of recent post with their featured image and a summary.

The sidebar is there with dedicated support for all kinds of Widgets. A good number of Menus are available on the top, followed by a dedicated Footer section.

Individual Post and Page are well designed, maintaining a magazine look without hurting the simplicity.

In a nutshell, the product we are looking at is nearly perfect as per the expectations. The only area where it lags behind the competition is the design, which is not of 2017 level. There are many new alternatives available which are having better designs.

One thing which still makes this product a worth buying in 2017 is that it’s designed in a way to deliver maximum score in user-friendly, SEO, and performance tests.

Genesis Framework

Just like all other products made by StudioPress, Magazine Pro is also powered by their in-house Genesis framework. It’s the core of all their theme, which makes them rock solid in terms of SEO, performance, and security.

The product we are talking about, being an old one, holds a perfect chemistry with the framework. Thus, you can expect a very level of compatibility between the Child theme and the framework at the core.

Both the framework and the theme have been kept updated with fresh release and security patches, keeping everything in check with the growing internet.

If you’ve used other popular frameworks of 2017, then Genesis might not look worthy of its price. But, simplicity is what it primarily aims at and it does achieve it.

After all, you’re going for a premium theme to have a peace of mind. Rather than investing more time in learning new things and have a proper setup.

Over to You

As I said in the starting itself, Magazine Pro is a popular product and it still holds the gold. If you’re having the budget for it, simply pick it up.

However, there are many new alternatives out there in the market like Newspaper, Newsmag, and much more. But, those alternatives may not be as simple as Magazine Pro is.

Are you going to buy Magazine Pro in 2017?

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