How Blogging Can Help eCommerce Sites to Attract More Traffic

The goal of every eCommerce site is to close as many sales as possible.

There are lots of factors involved in converting your visitors into customers. How you design the layout of your site, the way you present your products, and the ease of completing a transaction from your online shop are just some of the basic but crucial details that make an impact on your conversion rate.

Including coming up with a sophisticated blogging strategy in the list.

While known as a platform to engage with your core audience and attract more visitors to your site, blogging can yield positive results as long as you do it right. Therefore, you need to come up with content that converts, which is a tough task in itself. However, by following the tips featured below, you will be able to develop a content strategy that satisfies the needs of your eCommerce site.

Publish a series

Blogging is normally approached as a one-and-done task – after publishing a post, you brainstorm for a brand new post unrelated to the previous one. However, to get the most out your blogging, you need to create a series of posts promoting your products and services.

A great example of an eCommerce site running a series of posts was Elegant Themes when they published The Countdown to Divi 3.0. It details the 100 days before the grand unveiling of their latest and popular WordPress theme.

Throughout that period, Elegant Themes slowly introduces features from their brand new creation that were unavailable from the previous version. Each post includes images and videos so visitors can have a better idea of what to expect from the theme.

What makes this approach to blogging ideal is how you can generate excitement and anticipation from your audience. By detailing the specs and nitty-gritty of your product in public, you can show the many reasons why they should buy it from you.

Run a giveaway contest

If you’re launching a brand new product, you can turn to giveaways to compel your audience to join and get their hands on your latest shiny object for free. Everybody loves free stuff, and a giveaway on your blog gives your audience what they want.

The best way to host a giveaway is by announcing it weeks or a month in advance. This will give your audience time to process the information and decide on joining your giveaway once it launches. Using a giveaway tool like Rafflecopter allows you to collect entries in an organized manner and leverage on your audience’s proclivity to share on social media to gain traction.

While contests are normally held on social media like Birchbox, you can use your blog to host your giveaway. The great thing about having a dedicated blog post for your contest is so you can promote it on different social media platforms.

Publish user-generated content

One of the biggest indicators of online sales is trust. Because people don’t see and feel online store they way they do with mom and pop shops, there is more skepticism when transacting with the former. After all, with all the dangers involved in purchasing from untrustworthy vendors online, their skepticism is warranted.

However, to quell their doubt, you need to make them trust you. Talking about yourself and how trustworthy you are can only go so far. Therefore, you need your audience to do the talking for you.

User-generated content (UGC)is a great way to build trust with your audience in an attempt to make a sale, as these statistics would suggest. UGC comes in the form of user reviews, testimonials, social shares and comments, and others.

What makes them perfect for eCommerce sites is they come from an objective and unbiased perspective. Therefore, whatever they publish about your online shop and their experience with it, you can be sure that it’s authentic and honest, which is what doubters want to read and see from your site.

The best way that you can leverage UGC on your blog is to share stories from satisfied customers. You can dedicate a full post about what they love about your products, which is an indirect way of telling your readers to buy from you as well.

Evergreen content

Evergreen content serves as an information pillar of your eCommerce site. Unlike other blog posts, this content type stands the test of time and remains relevant and informative even years after it is published.

As an eCommerce site owner, you need to consider setting up different evergreen content about your products and services. By creating “how to” guides on how consumers can use your products, you can provide them with highly informative content that may compel them to buy from you.

Not to mention, evergreen content can work as a touchpoint in your conversion funnel. For example, if you’re running a sophisticated eCommerce marketing strategy on Facebook, which includes the use of ads and retargeting, you can insert evergreen content as the page for your top of the funnel (ToFu) marketing that will bring them down to the lower parts of your conversion funnel.

Wrapping it up

How you treat every aspect of your online shop will eventually determine your conversion rate and sales. By working diligently on the parts that matter, you can be sure to make the most out of your opportunity to converting the most of your visitors into customers.

Treating your blog as an integral part of your conversion funnel will work wonders for your eCommerce site. Crafting carefully developed blog content by following the tips above should help you streamline all your assets towards your main goal.

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