4 Surefire ways to Boost your Blog Engagements

You already know reduced bounce rate is a BIG green signal for your website considering SEO. While search engine algorithms encourage page with high engagement to rank higher, it improves your website traffic metrics on the other hand.

Furthermore, if your website content is able to attract and engage more readers, it is likely to produce more revenue.

how to boost blog engagement

I am going to figure out some tactics that you can implement right now.

#1 Ending up your articles with a question

Have you ever tried hitting your readers with a question in the end? This not only encourages your readers to comment but also compel a reader to think and act. You can use like minded question at the end of a post with Over to you heading right after the conclusion. By asking a question you easily

  1. Provoke a reader to indulge into a conversation with you
  2. Get a feedback on your work you did researching, crafting and writing the post
  3. Increase engagement on your blog

#2 Host an Expert Roundup or Interview

One of the best tactics used by modern marketers to get influencers share their blog is writing an expert roundup. Doing an expert roundup is not a quick task at all. However, it is highly profitable for you. By hosting an expert roundup or interview you get

  1. A new reader base
  2. More engagement with your returning visitors
  3. Influencers to share your blog with their audienc

#3 Use Commentluv Premium Plugin if your pocket allows

Commentluv simply attracts an expert reader to comment on your blog post for a backlink. As a result you increase the number of comments, the trust of new visitors and time a user stays on your website.

To get the readers back reading the comment replies and making the conversation meaningful, you can either use comment reply notification wordpress plugin or simply tweet the comment author with a link to hit comment. The automatic email feature seems to be much better. Is not it?

You can choose either combination from the following list

  1. Use Disqus commenting system
  2. Use Commentluv + comment reply notification
  3. Get the twitter handle of the comment author and tweet him manually

From the above list, the Disqus commenting system gives you all you need to increase engagement on your blog.

#4 Produce Videos and Embed in your Blog post

Video Marketing is not a hard nut to crack. All you need is a webcam (even your phone camera will work), basic knowledge of video uploading(which I assume you already have enough as a blogger) and an internet connection.

Light Camera Action.

Producing videos and embedding them on your blog will eventually

  1. Reduce the bounce rate of your site
  2. Build a better relationship with your audience (as they come to know you, see you and listen to you)
  3. Produce more audience trust and engagements

Over to You

What are you up to? Engaging your readers is easy. Is not it?


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