Should You Respond to Every Comment on Your Blog?

I read a question a few minutes ago on Quora.

Said user wanted to know if they should respond to every comment on their blog.


Of course.

Unless you have 100 or more comments on your blog daily. Or unless you have 500 or more social media engagements daily. You should respond to every comment in a thoughtful, thorough manner.

Here’s why: readers make up your blog community. Readers make up your blog traffic. Readers make up your course and eBook customers. Readers make up your client base. If you ignore your reader’s comments they will slowly go away, as will your:

  • blog community
  • blog traffic
  • blogging income

slowly disappear, in most cases.

One exception exists: if you get FULLY clear on not responding to blog comments you can grow a rocking blog without responding to blog comments. Few bloggers establish and maintain this level of clarity though. Most feel bad, or lazy, or outright terrible about ignoring blog comments. Or about reading but not responding to blog comments.

Benefits of Responding to Every Blog Comment

  • build a blogging community
  • make blogging buddies
  • allow your readers to trust you
  • prove that you’re listening to your reader’s hopes, dreams, problems and solutions
  • add content to your blog posts
  • increase social proof
  • make your blog a big old party
  • grow your blogging income streams
  • rank better in search engines
  • get more social shares
  • have more fun
  • spread more love

There is no downside to replying to all comments until you get 100 plus comments daily. Then, time restraints dictate that you need to let go responding to all comments because your energies will likely be better spent on other activities.

I reckon most of you are not getting 100 plus comments daily. Goodness knows I ain’t. So most of us should be responding to each and every comment.

Response Time

This one varies. Respond within 1-2 days if you want to build bonds quickly. You can wait longer if doing so floats your boat but wait no more than a week to prove you’re not asleep at the wheel.

No need to respond in seconds, minutes or hours. The intent is to build a freeing lifestyle; not to bind yourself by getting hellishly attached to each and every comment.

The End Game

The end game of responding to all blog comments is to help readers and build bonds. That’s it. We all dig serving folks. We all dig being a sounding board. We dig listening. We dig connecting. We dig making friends, forging bonds, being of service, helping and assisting.

So respond to each and every comment that flows in to your blog.

Bonus Activity

Respond to all comments on guest posts too. This may get you hustling quite a bit but if you patiently and slowly respond to all comments over a week or so you can build a whole slew of prospering blogging friendships which benefit both parties.

Statute of Blog Comment Responding Limitations

I reckon if you receive a comment on a guest post 1 month after the post goes live you don’t have to respond. Especially if you are busy responding to 10, 20 or 50 timely, fresh comments both through your blog and current guest posts. You are human, after all.

But I’d respond to all comments on YOUR blog whether you happened across a comment from 2 years or 2 minutes ago.

Your Turn

Do you respond to all blog comments?

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