How to Be a Top 7 Most Viewed Blogger on Quora

Hey dudettes and dudes.

Look up top.

I reached #7 on the list of most viewed bloggers on Quora.

Why would you want to be a top 10 blogger? Or a top 7?

You get a chance to help folks by being prominent on the network. All those views – through the blogging category alone – means I am serving, helping, spreading love and having fun. Isn’t this why you blog?

The Steps

Follow these steps to become one of the most viewed bloggers on Quora.

1: Have Fun and Spread Love

I accidentally clicked on the most viewed blogger category recently. Saw I made the list. Cool. But it’s extra. Icing on the cake. Cherry on top. I help folks on the network to have fun, number one, and to spread the blogging love.

If you align your energy to spread love and have fun on Quora you will position yourself to be pretty dang prominent on the network.

2: Gobble Up Questions and Answer those Questions

For me, writing a pillar style post every time I answered a question felt heavy. Moving me away from the advice in tip #1.

I volume answer. Not because I need to. But because it feels good to lay out either bullet point or short paragraph answers filled with practical tips. Works for me. 200 plus answers later and I am still going strong.

3: Answer Questions Daily

Answer questions on a daily basis.

I got a little lazy in this regard – and ran into a grim internet connection in Myanmar – but have kept the answering momentum going largely.

This momentum brings me more and more folks on a daily basis. Even if I don’t check in daily. Passive traffic.

4: Be Nice

I swear this is an easy way to draw in more viewers. Just be nice.

I address every blogger by name. I usually thank them for sharing their thoughts. I am polite, kind and helpful in all I do. I am not rude, sarcastic or caustic. I personalize every experience. I help you in a nice, friendly way. Like a kindly man you met on the cyber street. I offer help on Quora with love. Naturally, the love reflects back to me in the form of views, blog traffic and more people to help.

5: Seize the Opportunity to Help Folks on Quora

Some people will read these tips. All seem to make sense. But then they look at the number of views that Top 10 Quora users generate. Seeing names like Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin and James Altucher may feel intimidating. Maybe you will talk yourself out of even bothering to help people on Quora.

If you like assisting people you will be making a huge mistake by not seizing this opportunity on the network. I had zero views on my answers a few months back. I had no idea Quora existed. A handful of months later I popped up on a Top 10 most viewed list with minimal effort, having fun, enjoying the ride and helping people solve their blogging problems and live their blogging dreams.

Dive in to Quora. Help folks. Have fun.

A wealth of traffic, sales and brand awareness awaits you if you have fun and persistently answer questions on the network.

Maybe I’ll see you on this list soon.

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