Your Pinterest Inspirational Resource: How to Productively Build More Traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest is one of those social media platforms you cannot just help cheering for: It’s neither Twitter nor Facebook, it’s not trying to mirror any of the existing social media solutions and it is following its own path offering real value to its readers.

On top of all, it is able to drive loads of well-converting traffic. The key is in creating Pinterest-friendly visuals and consistently be there to build connections.

Here are a few examples and tools to help you build some solid traffic from Pinterest.

Pinterest Image Creation Tool: Canva

Canva is my tool of choice when it comes to Pinterest-friendly images. It’s free and it saves your templates for you to save time by editing your previously created images which already have your branding (logo, URL, etc.) and use your site color palette.

The two recent additions to the platform makes it even more productive:

  • Add your team: Multi-author blog owners and editors will love this feature! You can add up to 10 people for free to share your branded designs with them. Consistent visual look is so important for brand building and this new feature by Canva will help you encourage your authors to create in-article imaginary that will look consistent with your overall blog branding.
  • Set up your brand: Upload your logo, save your fonts and set up your brand colors to use from image to image.

Canva brand

Pinterest Marketing Tool: Viral Content Bee

The biggest problem of starting out on Pinterest is the lack following to support your efforts. Building your social media network takes lots of time and dedication on any platform, and Pinterest is no exception.

Viral Content Bee is a free platform that solves that problem. It has “Pinterest section” allowing you to upload your site images (with the link to your web pages where those images appear) for other users to re-pin the images to their pinboards. The result:

  • Your site images are pinned to other people’s dashboard throughout the pinners
  • You build contacts with those pinners who promote your images by liking & sharing your pinned images as well as following your promoters.

Pinterest Viral Content Bee

Don’t miss this guide by Colorlib on how create featured images for WordPress. This will ensure your readers are pinning the right image from your page.

Pinterest Image Sources

To build a solid engaged following on Pinterest, you should consistently pin interesting images. Depending on your niche, bookmark several sources of good images and pin images from there on a regular basis.

Here are a few examples of sources I am using:

Get Inspired by Examples

The below examples represent the three most successful Pinterest audiences: Food, mom bloggers and retail.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods Pinterest

Whole Foods Market, the supermarket chain specializing in organic and natural foods, was one of the first big brands to realize the potential Pinterest had when it came to marketing.

So why has it done so well?

Whole Foods has utilized Pinterest as a way of reaffirming its brand ethos and interacting with its customers in an entirely new manner.

Whole Foods created a number of different pinboards to reflect the varied interests and beliefs of the company. As well as pinboards for food, recycling and green living, it created boards for less obvious (though no doubt relevant) topics including holidays, “cool” kitchens and food art.

However, Whole Foods has not just demonstrated an interest in its own brand and pinboards; it’s incredibly active in the Pinterest community, follow others and repinning things of interest.


scholastic pinterest

As the world’s largest publisher of children’s books and an embracer of all things cool and colorful, it’s no wonder that Scholastic would come to see the potential the Pinterest community could hold.

Why has it done so well?

Scholastic followed a similar premise to Whole Foods by fully embracing the whole ethos of how social media should be used for marketing.

Instead of sticking with the easiest option of creating pinboards relating purely to the publications and financial interests of the company, Scholastic decided to create a number of pinboards that, while related to the company and its products, should draw in a more diverse crowd than only those who have a vested interest in the company’s products themselves.

Some of its pinboards include:

  • Libraries We Love
  • Beautiful Bookshops
  • Wise Words
  • Vintage Scholastic


michaelsstores pinterest

Michaels is a chain of stores specializing in crafts and arts supplies – the perfect candidate for a Pinterest marketing campaign if ever there was one.

What’s so good about it?

Michaels created a wide range of pinboards designed to gather the interests of a diverse array of Pinterest users, including boards for knitting, baking and making crafts from recycled materials.

However, Michaels hasn’t forgotten that if you want to be really successful in social media, you need to demonstrate a genuine interest in the words and actions of your following. With this in mind, Michaels created a pinboard purely for the purpose of sharing its followers’ projects. This kind of interaction is exactly what companies should be doing if they really want to excel at social media and ensure their actions online transcend to increased profits offline.

Are there any tools I’ve missed here? Please share them in the comments!

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