1 Tip for Becoming an Expert Despite Having Little Experience

If you are a newbie blogger you may feel becoming an expert is nearly impossible.

But this belief is not true.

From this day forward, you have 1 weapon in your expert-building arsenal. This weapon levels the playing field. This weapon cuts your learning curve by years. This weapon helps you build your blogging authority quickly.

What is the weapon?


Or, integrity. Or, being genuine. Or, being authentic.

If you tell the truth – including sharing your wins AND losses in a transparent manner – your readers will trust you. If your readers trust you said readers will see you as more of an expert every single day. They will feel your authority because you are being level with them.

Any blogger can tell the truth. Any blogger can be transparent.

Why then does it take newbie bloggers a long time to develop their authority?

The reason: most newbie bloggers fear sharing their failures. Most newbie bloggers fear sharing their wins because they look like a fraud in their own eyes if they share successes despite not being a full time, pro blogger.

Most new bloggers have little experience and fear even sharing this little bit of experience. Most new bloggers figure since they are new, with little experience, nobody cares about what they have to say.

As you believe in your heart, it is so. If you fear, predominantly, that fear will be reflected back to you like a mirror. You will struggle. Nobody will read your blog. You will fail.

The Small Percentage of Beginning Bloggers

A tiny percent of beginning bloggers succeed quickly. God knows this was not me. I struggled. I floundered like a fish out of water. I feared sharing my wins and losses in a transparent way. I didn’t pump myself up. I just shared little. Because I carried a slew of fears regarding my blog, my online businesses and in my being, in general.

But this small percentage of beginner bloggers who succeed really fast are open as hell. This crowd is genuine. Authentic. Transparent.

This crowd shares their worst failures – even as they have few or no successes to call upon – but in the same breath, they share their blogging dreams. When seemingly small successes pop up on the horizon this crowd is quick to share the successes too.

These newbie bloggers uncover a secret so few bloggers understand: if you are willing to report the whole story, wins and losses, honestly, readers will trust you quickly and perceive you as an expert. It is that simple. Easy, really. But you need to release fears about looking like a failure or looking like a boastful blogger to both tell an authentic, honest, transparent story and to be seen as an authority when you have little online experience.

My Gig

I was perceived – by many – to be an expert well before I saw the appearance of any results to suggest I was an expert.

The prior line is code for: even amid the appearance of struggles, folks saw me as an authority in my niche.

My lagging results caught up to my expert status over time. But only because I was real. Only because I shared my struggles and failures with my wins. Only because I reported my humanity on my blog.

Your Homework

  1. Buy my new audio book on iTunes: How to Become an Online Expert with Little or No Experience
  2. Watch the 1080p video below of me in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  3. If you are a newbie blogger, build your expert status by telling the rest of your story, reporting your wins and losses, your successes and struggles, through your blog…..your audience will trust you and with trust comes authority

How are you building your expertise?

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