Infinity Pro Theme Review

Having an online presence is becoming important day by day and it’s utmost important for a company. If you’re a startup or an existing company, having a digital profile is important. Thanks to the platforms like WordPress, creating a digital presence is easy. At least, you don’t need to learn to code.

Infinity Pro is one such premium theme which looks perfect from every sense but, is it really good? Let’s find out in this detailed review here.

Infinity Pro Theme Review2

Before we begin, here is a quick fact. Infinity Pro is a StudioPress product, a brand well known in the theme development industry. I know many people who will blindly go for a StudioPress product, just because they have a good online reputation.

But, not all their products are good to go without thinking thoroughly.  You should check reviews and feedbacks before making any decision, even if it’s your favorite brand.

Infinity Pro Theme Review

The reason why Infinity Pro is a recommended theme is because it looks modern and still manages to stay lightweight. The content published on a website using this theme will always look impressive enough to drive the conversions.

Let’s find out why it’s a good pick for your newly registered digital agency or any other firm.

Highlight Features

  • The homepage is Widget ready, making it easy to bring possible customizations without writing any code.
  • The theme is ready to be used as a Landing Page and can be used to capture leads.
  • It has a responsive layout which ensures compatibility of every element with the smartphones or even normal mobile phones.
  • There are multiple layout options and a good number of customization options including support for WordPress’s Live Customizer.
  • It is ready for e-commerce as it is compatible with WooCommerce and even has pre-styled layouts to support the same.
  • It has dedicated page where team details can be shared.

These are the primary features of Infinity Pro theme, but these are not all. The theme has almost every important feature which a digital agency need.

Infinity Pro Theme Review1

WooCommerce compatibility makes it ready to sell products or services online, which are important for a digital agency profile.

SEO and Performance

As far as the SEO part is concerned, there is hardly any element which StudioPress theme misses out. They are super rich in SEO features and possesses all the standards. On top of these, the themes are compatible with SEO plugins and other tools as well.

Infinity Pro being a StudioPress product, it is very strong in the SEO department. You can simply use it and start focusing on the content creation and On-Page SEO techniques. Off-Page SEO is well taken care of!

Coming at the performance side, the graphic elements used in the theme are not on the heavier side. Thus, keeping the overall theme lightweight, which helps in achieving a super good performance.

As per the official norms set by Google, having a good performance is equally important as other SEO factors. This is because they are treating speed of a website as a ranking signal.

In the case of Infinity Pro theme, there will be nothing wrong from the theme’s side. But, you should be aware of the fact that theme is not the only thing which can affect the overall performance. It depends on various other factors.


The theme has a very modern and sleek layout, making it stand out from the crowd. Don’t believe me? Check out its demo and see it yourself.

It’s impressive, right?

For any agency, the way its digital profile looks, matters a lot! And, the developers have kept all these things in mind while designing the theme from scratch.

They have used parallax scrolling effect and have used full-width layout. The color scheme and font used are further adding to the overall beauty score.

Genesis Framework

Just like all other StudioPress themes, Infinity Pro is also powered by Genesis framework which is a well-known name in the industry. The framework provides a secure base which is equally good in performance.

In technical term, the Infinity Pro theme is responsible for handling only the front-end, i.e., the visual side of the theme. Rest everything is handled by the Genesis framework.

Infinity Pro Theme Review

Other than the back-end stuff which is not visible to a normal user, the framework adds an Options Panel which offers quickly to use toggles that can bring quick visual and functional changes.

One can also add third-party available plugins to add a particular functionality which is missing in the framework. Like, Social Sharing options or a facility to edit Header and Footer sections easily. But, you need to check the plugin’s compatibility thoroughly before using on a live website.

It can even help in changing the layout and bring out possible customization. These visual changes are different from the one possible via default WordPress Live Customizer.

Over to You

The final decision is always yours but, I hope this review updated you about a lot of things. One of the biggest con of Infinity Pro theme is its cost. Other themes offering similar or even better features are available at half of the price StudioPress is charging.

But, at the end of the day, StudioPress offers peace of mind which is not that promised in alternatives.

Will you go with Infinity Pro theme for the next website?

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