1 Common Mistake I See on Instagram

I spent a few hours this morning stalking folks who followed me or liked my updates on Instagram.

I’d click through to their profile, would like one of their updates and clicked through to the website said users provided.

I spotted a few weird trends:

  • some users linked to no website at all
  • some users linked to squeeze pages
  • some users linked to outdated or flat out dead blogs

One glaring mistake jumped out at me.

None of these folks are linking to a current, valuable, brand-building blog.

Instagram Error

Instagram has through the roof engagement rates. Quick and easy posting. Likes out the ying yang. Pronto. I love the site.

But some bloggers totally miss the fact that like any social real estate, IG is a gateway site. Meaning IG is a gateway between visitors and your blog. Because your blog is content central, a brand builder, a space where folks can:

  • view your videos
  • listen to your podcasts
  • buy your eBooks
  • buy your premium courses
  • download your free giveaways
  • read your blog posts
  • enjoy your travel pictures
  • digest your full branding power
  • hire you for your services

People can enjoy some of what you offer through Instagram.

People can enjoy all of what you offer through your blog.

People want you to link to your blog through Instagram. Not a squeeze page. Not a business site. Not some old, dated, rarely updated blog either. I saw blogs not updated for 7 years on clicking through to links. Meanwhile, if someone clicked through to my blog they would see this:

Blogging From Paradise

3-4 updates weekly. eBooks. Courses. Videos. Travel images. My services. Audio books. The Blogging From Paradise brand.

Instagram pales in functionality compared to a WordPress Dot Org blog. Especially a WP Dot Org blog built on a bespoke theme, richly created and frequently updated to provide readers with an optimum experience.

Link to your blog folks.

Link to your travel blog on IG. Link to your blogging tips blog.

Don’t leave visitors on the table.

Link to your own real estate.


To stand out from the crowd.

To create on your own real estate and to brand yourself effectively.

Example; when I click through to a squeeze page I think:

“Why would I opt in? Who are these folks? What did they offer save a few nice images on Instagram?”

When I see no website or blog link at all I have nothing to work with save a few IG photos. Not good. I want something to sink my teeth into.

If I click through to an old, dated blog I wonder why said travel blogger calls themselves a travel blogger.

But if I click to a well-stocked, current, branded blog I feel the impact.

That impact is the Instagram difference maker.

The impact separates the middle of the road bloggers from the blogging big dawgs on IG.

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