1 Strange Habit Leading to Guest Posting Failure

I just received a guest post pitch from a blogger.

Said blogger wished to place a guest post on my blog, Blogging From Paradise.

Go ahead. Click my blog link. Look around. Get a feel for what I offer our community.

I help people retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

I share blogging tips. My readers love getting blogging tips.

My blog is all about blogging tips.

The blogger who emailed me this morning wanted to place a guest post about home improvement. A DIY guest post.

Home improvement has as much to do with Blogging From Paradise as an “all you can eat” buffet has to do with Weight Watchers.

Trying to squeeze a DIY guest post on my blog is like walking into a pizzeria, sitting down at a table and asking your waiter: “I am not here for the pizza. But can you please mail something for me?”

Strange Tendency

We never do stuff like this offline. Why the online disconnect?

Yesterday someone wanted to place a guest post about how to sell a home on Blogging From Paradise.  This is funny in one vein, but in another way I feel compassion for prospective bloggers because I know they are struggling to place guest posts. I am nice. Polite. I explain how we do not have a match. I also suggest placing guest posts on blogs specifically related to their niche.

The Failure

You can see why 10 out of 10 guest post requests like these never get placed. What blogging tips blogger places a post about selling homes on her or his blog? None. No match. Many ill informed or confused prospective guest bloggers may feel guest posting does not work after their non targeted pitches fall on deaf ears. Not true. Guest posting works fine. If you place guest posts on related blogs.

The Solution

Only reach out to perfect matches.

If I have a guest post about blogging tips I will place the guest post on Blogging Tips Dot Com, Basic Blog Tips, or a similar blogging tips blog.

In essence this tip is perhaps the easiest blogging tip to follow. I spot matches easily. So do you. But fear, worry and a general anxiety about not being able to place guest posts clouds even sound thinking minds, leading to wayward pitches that make zero sense.

So first off, kick that fear out of your mind. Or, feel the fear of missing guest posting opportunities. Sit with the anxiety. Sit with the worry. Release the fear.

Accept only good matches.

What blog topic do you cover? Only submit guest posts to bloggers who cover the *same exact topic*. I mean that. No wiggle room. No tangential stuff. Meaning, as a blogging tips blogger I would never submit a guest post to a marketing blog.  Marketing and blogging are 180 degrees apart on the energetic scale. Totally different niches. I waste not my time on any blog other than a blogging tips blog. Ensures I have perfect matches. No doubt. No lack of clarity. Just a perfect match.

No sense beating this one to death guys.

Find good matches.

Stop spinning your wheels.

Place more guest posts.

Reap the delicious benefits of placing guest posts on blogs fully aligned with your niche.

That’s where your new readers chill.


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How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging

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