5 Ways to Create a Huge Market for Your Digital Products Online

Creating a digital product is just a step in the search of profit. Once you’ve had that wonderful product idea, the next thing is always to hire qualified skills to transform the idea into marketable product. But most of us product creators fail at the most crucial phase of business – marketing.

Digital products like ebooks, desktop software, web applications, mobile apps, WordPress themes and plugins, etc have a huge market today. But unfortunately, most authors end up being their only product consumers.

I have a few suggestions here to help you grow your market place and make more profit from your works.

How to create a huge market for your digital product.

Once you’ve tested your app and made sure it’s fit for consumption, it’s time to market. The bigger your market, the more your sales and the more your profit. Here are some tips:

1 – Get the right digital marketing materials

If you want to dominate your industry, you will have to go a step ahead of your competitors and acquire the right marketing tools. For digital products, you will need tools including:

  • A website for your product
  • A blog for your product
  • Photorealistic screenshots (For desktop, Worpress themes, web or mobile apps)
  • Etc

2 – Tell communities about your digital product

If you’ve come up with a beautiful piece of Web, Mobile or Desktop app, one of the first things to do is announce its release on community sites. Commonly used sites are Hacker News and Product Hunt. These are communities with a huge audience to expose your product and generate sales.

3 – Create an affiliate platform

One of the best ways to create a huge marketplace for your digital product is to have an affiliate marketing tool in place. This will recruit affiliate promoters who will do the sales job while you focus on update and maintenance.

There are lots of affiliate marketing platforms where you just submit your digital product and benefit from an already established community of affiliates.  In some other cases, you may want to run a standalone affiliate marketing platform.

In any of the cases above, you will have to do a couple of things to attract affiliates:

  • Pay out high commissions
  • Provide affiliate marketing materials (Professional banners, review copies, co-branded pages, swipe copies, videos, etc)
  • Tweak your sales copy to improve conversion
  • Reach out to known affiliates in your industry with attractive offers
  • Provide custom discount codes
  • Etc

You may not be able to give out review copies to all your affiliates. Some may chose to purchase your product to have firsthand information about it.

What most product owners fail to do is provide product screenshots. While banners are great, screenshots show prospects what to expect from your product.

I recommend using a professional product mockup application to capture screenshots into different device mockups (Desktop, smartphone, TV, Notepad,etc). Check out my Smartmockups review post as that may help.

4 – Create a WSO

If your product is in the Internet Marketing niche, I recommend thinking about doing a Warrior Special Offer on Warrior forum. This is one of the most active forums online in the IM industry. Doing a WSO promotion on this site will attract a huge list of new consumers.

At any given time, you are going to find 1000+ readers the WSO section of the forum and that’s a huge market to tab into.

5 – Collaborate with bloggers

Bloggers constitute an unbeatable marketing resource for digital products. These are people who have created an active community around their blogs and you won’t fail to make use of it.

For the most part, most of these bloggers will charge a fee to write and publish about your product on their blogs, share it to their lists and social medial profiles. The result is always mass exposure and leads.

Thanks for reading. Please share your thoughts.


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