How to Deal with Non Supportive Family and Friends During Your Blogging Journey


I received strong support from friends and family during my blogging journey. Including from my wife – seen in the image above – who was there for me virtually every step of the way.

But being human beings, the support waned, faltered and disappeared during the leanest of moments.

How do you get through it? The doubts? The questioning? The skepticism surrounding your alleged blogging venture?

This form of criticism – from loved ones – kills more blogging careers than any other criticism, save the nasty little self critics buried deep in your mind.

Follow these tips to deal with non supportive family and friends during your blogging journey.

1: Accept their Humanity

If you doubt your blogging prospects sometimes – we all have – why hold friends and family to unrealistic, inhuman standards?

My wife Kelli supported me almost every second of the 8 years I’ve been blogging. But when I trashed 3,4000 blog posts, my old blog, a cash flow stream and all I’d done 5 years prior she flipped out. I accepted her freak out moment. We all have them. Not fighting her human fears over a perceived huge shift helped me let go the old blog to create Blogging From Paradise.

Be patient with loved ones. Like you, they are human. Allow them to criticize, to flip out and to question from time to time. Take the freak out in stride. Or, coax them off the ledge.

2: Embrace Your Mirror

No matter how clear you are, a loved one can bring up any lack of clarity around your blogging venture because everybody is simply a mirror, reflecting your feelings back to you. Your TRUE feelings.

Example; I could feel good about being featured on Virgin, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Fox News but if a loved one questioned “So, is the blogging thing working yet?”, and I got pissed off, of anxious, the individual just pointed out to me where I truly, genuinely believe on some level how the blogging thing ain’t quite working out yet.

Humans around you are mirrors. Each reflects you, your beliefs and feelings back to you.

If what they say stings, they speak some idea you feel true on some level. Stop fighting them. Thank them in your mind. As you embrace the sting. Then get clearer in that emotional area, feeling your honest feelings around the aspect of your blog in question.

3: Accept this Idea

No matter how much love and fun I inject into my blog some family members of mine will not vibe with my blogging, digital nomad lifestyle. They may not be outwardly critical but in the same regard, they may never understand it. Not only is this OK, it is quite normal. What 1 venture on earth is for everybody? None!

You can’t convince someone of something they cannot see. You can’t influence a relative to be open to something they’re closed off from. Be at peace with this idea: some relatives and friends may never get blogging. Some feel it is not a real job (thank God it’s not!). Some feel it is a joke, or scam, or hustle, or not useful, or not a feasible way to make a living. All these fear-based beliefs have all to do with your loved one and nothing to do with you. Be at peace with this idea.

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