How to Blog on the Road

Are you ready to hit the road?

But are you afraid that you won’t be able to run your blog effectively while you’re traveling?

I was that guy. 8 years ago. But I changed my tune, left the comfort of my native USA and have circled the globe for the past 6 years as a full time digital nomad.

I wrote an eBook to help you circle the globe as a pro blogger – you can buy it here – but wanted to share a few tips with you today on how to blog on the road.

If you are wondering, yes that is me in the picture above with my wife petting a nearly 400 pound tiger in Thailand. Don’t worry; these tips will work if you just want to enjoy cool drinks on the beach too.

1: Be Patient

Patience, grasshopper.

Travel taught me to be patient. To be forgiving. To relax. To chill.

I know of many a blogger who flips out at the smallest inconveniences; a blog down for 5 or 10 minutes, a client who persistently badgers them, a buggy theme that yields formatting issues for some readers. Traveling teaches you that EVERYTHING you make a big deal out of means nothing, and how the 1 thing most people deem to be nothing means EVERYTHING.

My point: most bloggers are impatient because their minds are dominated by fear. Mainly, a fear of loss. But when you travel, and open yourself to the world around you, you learn to let love influence your mind more than fear. As the love grows, the fear dies, and you naturally become patient because you purge your fear-based, impatient tendencies on the road.

2 weeks ago in Yangon I figured the internet would be not too great as Kelli and I traveled around Myanmar. In Bagan I got online about 2 hours a day. In Innlay Lake I have not been able to get online. The internet exists here but never seems to be strong enough to open up a website.

Being a traveler, I am patient by habit. When we arrive to Chiang Mai in 2 days I will have access to a strong internet connection. I won’t play catch up, though. I will patiently take my time, checking emails and publishing blog posts slowly, calmly and….patiently.

If you dream of blogging on the road, ya gotta be patient. Your blogging world changes quickly once you leave the comforts of your home office.

2: Build a Tribe

If I did not build a tribe of supportive, loyal friends over months and years I’d be doomed as a traveler. Because if I had no tribe I’d virtually disappear from the cyber world when I was offline traveling. Instead, my friends promote me, support me and feature me as I spend this rare week offline, due mainly to a poor internet connection but also to a nasty short sickness and frequent travel through Myanmar.

Tweet other blogger’s posts. Share other blogger’s posts on Facebook. Comment on other blogger’s blogs. Feature other bloggers on your blog. Open your blog to guest posting. This is how you make friends. When you travel, these friends will promote you to their followings, giving you passive traffic while you sip coconut juice in Fiji or down banana shakes in Thailand.

3: Create Offline

I am oft spotted writing blog posts 40,000 feet above the South Pacific, busing around SE Asia or sitting in airport lounges around the world. I create when I can.  I create offline. Being on the road so much forces me to create content offline; in many areas I have no access to the internet so I’ve no other choice.

Enjoy down time. Enjoy traveling. Enjoy being on the road. Then, enjoy creating helpful content for your readers when you’re offline. No excuses guys. I write posts on the regular offline with a Chromebook. If I’m using my cloud-based device – with a healthy store of offline storage, apparently – to write posts you can open up a Word document on your lappy or any computer to create content.

If writing ain’t your thing just record videos or podcasts offline while you’re journeying like Marco Polo. Seize opportunities to help folks. Turn travel time into creating time.

4: Buy Resources

My eBook:

How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging

Is an excellent resource for bloggers who hit the road. You will face a slew of obstacles when traveling and blogging. Tap into my experience to make your life easier.

There you have it.

4 tips to help you blog like a boss on the road.

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