How to Get Unlimited Blog Post Ideas

Ready to beat writer’s block for good?

I’ve self-published 126 eBooks and thousands of blog posts during my online career. The tips I’ll share below work darn well.

But you need to develop a skill to use each tip properly.

The skill?

Heightening your powers of observation.

10 minutes ago I walked to the pharmacy here in Myanmar. Wifey and I are having…..ahem…..stomach issues.

If I had poor powers of observation I’m sum up the experience as: a walk to the pharmacy.

But since I developed this skill gradually – just by habitually watching the moment, over months and years – I can tell you that the walk was a brisk trip on a dusty, white-hot roadside in a little Burmese village, where I spotted:

  • a pregnant dog rummaging greedily through garbage to find the day’s lunch
  • a tall, white tourist who walked ahead of me for 2 minutes, then after I turned off on a sidestreet, and, back on to the main road where I spotted him 10 minutes before, he was riding a bike, and I observed him wearing a cast (couldn’t see this from behind)
  • a kindly Australian buying sun block and skeeter repellant, said Aussie chatting with me for a minute about having these necessities and a good hat to block the sun

I could go on for 40 minutes. Seriously. Because I watch, observe and record almost everything happening around me. Like the Terminator.

When you watch, observe and record you will get unlimited blog post ideas through these channels.

1: Mine Quora

I am the #8 most viewed user in the Blogging category on Quora. This means I get to see a gazillion blog post ideas on the platform.

But really, ANY Quora user can mine an unlimited flow of blog post ideas on the community. People come to you with questions – or to other members with questions – on a minute by minute basis, in some cases.

The sheer volume of questions shared and answers provided is staggering; I usually get 8 to 10 questions asked specifically of me on a daily basis. But even if nobody asks you questions directly you can observe their issues, their problems and their aspirations to make their dreams come true on the blogging platform.

2: Scan Your Blog Comments

Peeping my blog comments is the easiest way for me to get blog post ideas. Readers literally bring post ideas right to my cyber door step, by sharing struggles, highlighting problems or by listing strategies that I may not have thought of.

I often see bloggers bring a fresh, new perspective to the table, inspiring me to explore these avenues through a series of blog posts.

It’s virtually impossible to have writer’s block if you learn how to observe comments carefully.

3: Stalk Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups related to your niche are a rich breeding ground for blog post ideas.

Questions, answers, complaints, struggles and dreams reveal themselves through these collections of bloggers.

Hang on groups related to your area of expertise. Observe discussions. Read comments. Read posts shared to the group.

4: Slink through G Plus Communities

Slink through G Plus Communities – in as sly a way as possible – to grab blog post ideas.

Related Communities, of course.

Bloggers would haunt blogging tips themed communities to:

  • observe questions
  • record problems
  • assess blog posts being shared
  • keep your ear to the blogging cyber ground

Many communities are active, thriving, engaged groups of folks providing you with a goldmine of rocking blog post ideas.

5: Observe Popular Blogs from Your Niche

This painfully easy, fish in a barrel method works like a charm.

Example; observing what bloggers here on Blogging Tips or over on Pro Blogger are blogging about gives me unlimited clues for what to blog about. Each blog post gives you 1 to 5 to 10 blog post ideas or more based on:

  • the blog post title
  • header sections of the blog
  • comments in response to the blog post

Open a Note pad. List topics. Build a steadily increasing collection of blog post ideas based on what popular bloggers cover from your niche.

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