This 1 Tip Will Help You Earn More Backlinks, Build Popularity And Increase Your Traffic

TL;DR: Link out to others.

Not just from your own sites but also from your guest posts, videos or anywhere you churn out content.

Let’s first quickly talk about some of the greatest benefits of linking out to other bloggers.

  • External linking helps you build relationships with others.
  • Karma really works. You get what you serve. External linking often encourages reciprocity: win/win approach.
  • External linking is actually good for SEO.
  • It helps you create 10x content that is more engaging and highly informative to your audience.

The #1 Dumbest mistake most bloggers make

90% of the bloggers (especially the beginners) interlink to their own articles. It’s all about “me, me, me, me” blah blah.

Well, there’s nothing wrong in interlinking though (actually it helps in getting better search results) but here’s the truth.

If you want to be successful, help others first.

help other bloggers

If you want to get the word out about your content, get found.

How to get found online when there are a gazillion blogs out there?

Here’s where “linking out to other bloggers” strategy helps you in attracting more incoming links, social shares and traffic.

Both Ryan from Blogging from Paradise and Neil Patel implement this strategy really well. They know blogging is all about helping others and that’s why they get a lot of traction with their content. They always link out to others generously and that’s why they succeed with their content.

How to get incoming links, traffic and shares from other blogs?

Whenever you create content for your blog (or for others as guest posts), make it a habit of linking out to others.

Find out all the relevant blog articles that you’re writing about. Go through all those pages to find the best content that’s worth linking to.

Once you’re done with the research, smartly link out to the best content and reach out to the bloggers after publishing your posts.

Why should you reach out to other bloggers?

Majority of the people I know link out to other sites but they often ignore reaching out the people who they’ve linked to. Don’t make this mistake.

You should let other bloggers know that you linked to their articles from your content. That’s how you build a connection with others (which may later can open the floodgates of opportunities for you).

How to reach out to other bloggers?

You can try any of the following.

  • Send a personal email
  • Tag them on twitter
  • Tag them on Facebook
  • Or simply leave a comment on their blog post (that you added a link to their stuff)

I personally recommend sending a personalised email as email is the #1 channel most people use. You don’t have to send long and boring emails (as most busy bloggers don’t read long emails), keep them short.

Here’s a sample email pitch I often use (when I link out to others).

Subject: Just mentioned you

Hey [name],

Just linked to your article [URL] from one of my blog posts [URL].

Keep up the great work!

P.S: If you’ve time, please check out the post. I’d really appreciate a tweet or share.

[your name]

As you can see, the above sample email pitch is really simple with a solid subject line. After all, who doesn’t open an email where they got mentioned?

The P.S. part is just an icing on the cake where you are actually asking for a tweet. If they really like your stuff, they won’t mind sharing or even linking to your content.

Few questions you may have (while external linking)

Here are few questions or doubts you may probably have and stopping you from doing external linking.

#1. Should I add nofollow tag while linking out to others?

There’s no point in emailing someone to say “hey, I just gave you a nofollow link”. It sucks! Yes, you should use nofollow tags for external pages (affiliate products, comments, few references to completely irrelevant topics) but don’t use them while linking out to relevant sources. After all, you can’t make money with a new blog without building relationships with others.

#2. I’m not linking out to others because I’m afraid of losing my website’s link juice. Should I still do?

See, here’s a simple logic. If you want to get better rankings on Google, you need more links from various domains. No one’s going to link to your stuff organically if you’re a newbie. So the best way to attract links to your sites is to linking out to others first. Your link juice won’t minimize much by external linking (as long as you’re attracting links from other sites). So you can do it without thinking twice about it.

3. How many external links (or internal links) can I add from one blog post?

Not more than 100 links from 1 page. As a rule of thumb, if you’re writing a 1000 words blog post, link out to at least 3 external sources (and interlink to your own stuff as many times as you want without hurting your readership).

4. Are there any useful tools for tracking my backlinks?

I personally use tools like Ahrefs (for backlink and competitor research) and Ninja Outreach (for reaching out others). Both work like a charm and worth every single penny.

Over to you

So what do you think about the strategy that you found in the article? Did you like it? Are you going to follow it when you write your next blog post?

Do share your thoughts in the comments below. I’d appreciate a tweet if you like the tip.

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