How to Interact with Busy Pro Bloggers

In many cases you may only have a few seconds to impress a busy pro blogger.

Being a world traveler and pro blogger I field emails and social media requests every day.

I often enter into prospering partnerships with folks who are skilled, savvy, heartfelt networkers.

These folks know how to interact with busy pro bloggers.

If you follow these tips you increase the likelihood of building long-term, prospering partnerships with established bloggers.

1: Keep Things Brief

I always sense the clear, focused, fun-loving bloggers out there. These folks write 1-4 sentence emails asking a question or posing some mutually beneficial partnership. I spend 5 to 10 seconds reading and thank them – mentally – for keeping things short and sweet.

At most, if you can’t say something in 3 paragraphs you lack clarity in your delivery. Some equate being short and sweet as being rude or curt. The opposite is true. Being short and sweet is the most polite act when interacting with busy pro bloggers.

I am well known for my 1-2 sentence responses and for similar pitch emails too. I am not in a hurry. I am just clear.

Again, keeping things to 1-4 sentences may feel highly uncomfortable to you but ya gotta cut through the fear to be clear, in order to make an impact on well-connected pro bloggers.

2: Keep it Personal

“Ryan” is the best sounding word in my native tongue of English. Because if someone takes time to learn my name I remember them.

In a game of split second impressions using a pro blogger’s name can make THE difference. I instantly feel a weakened connection attempt by generic emailers. I instantly feel a stronger connection with personal, genuine, interested emailers.

3: Stress Benefits

If you’re pitching, stress the benefits of your guest post or business venture or whatever you’re pitching. Busy bloggers have a few seconds to scan the benefits to see if they have a match.

I care less and less about what I want but my audience means everything to me. So if someone lists 1 or 2 clear, distinct benefits that my audience would feast on, I am in. Ya got me.

If however someone stresses how they want to publish a guest post for their client I tend to either trash these emails or at best, explain how the blogger needs to write something primarily for my community, since they want to publish a post for our community. I get how you seek personal gain; just make 90% of your pitch about the blogger’s audience, then follow up on your intent.

4: Do Your Homework

Any blogger who snares my attention quickly did their homework. By mentioning a prior post, by giving me props for my blog or by noting how they found me through a guest post or podcast they obviously took 5 to 10 minutes to get to know me better before emailing me. Smart!

Those 5 to 10 minutes pay immense dividends because as my email volume increases and as I travel the world I get busier and busier, and need some filter to weed out emails to sift through heart felt, mindful, attentive bloggers. Do your homework. Learn 1 or 2 things about the pro blogger before you reach out to them so you can snag their attention quickly.

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