Make Money with the CPAmatica Affiliate Network and Get Paid Weekly

As an internet marketing professional, you’re always on the look out for the next great opportunity. Trends continue to shift and you continue to adapt. One affiliate network that you might want to keep on your radar for this reason is Cpamatica. This “global partner network” aims to provide “a great variety of offers, competitive payouts and excellent customer service both for affiliates and advertisers.”

Why Sign Up as an Affiliate?

The first thing I noticed about the Cpamatica website was the decidedly different approach it takes in telling you about who they are and what they do. Right up front, you are presented with a series of references from the people and companies who have partnered with Cpamatica for their mutual benefit.

They describe their relationships as transparent and synergistic, collaborating on goals in a “fun and easy to work with” kind of way. And that’s really one of the most important things you should be looking in a network and in a business partner. The actual features are worth your attention too, to be sure, but its the relationship that will really keep both of you going.

The staff at Cpamatica are passionate about partner marketing and new technology. The network itself is relatively new, having started in just 2015, but this also means they have a lot of room to grow. A key takeaway from the about page is that they want to have a lot of fun doing it too, leading to “better ideas.”

But you still want to make sure the structure is there for you to succeed. To this end, Cpamatica names a number of advantages for affiliates. For instance, the offers cover over 100 countries around the world and most (if not all) of these offers have been localized for optimal conversion.

You can also expect real-time tracking, so you don’t have to wait for the next day to see if your campaigns are working, as well as a variety of promotional materials. Payments are offered weekly on a net-15 basis, so long as you meet the minimum thresholds: $50 for Webmoney, $250 for Payoneer, $500 for PayPal and $1000 for a wire transfer.

Affiliate Dashboard

From what I can tell, the back-end to Cpamatica is based on the familiar HasOffers platform. This makes it easy to navigate around and find precisely the information and resources you need.

All the core navigation is found along the left sidebar, including access to all the offers, reports, and account management. That is also where you will find the contact information for your personal manager. You’ll notice the wording here. This person is not your affiliate manager or your account manager. Remember that Cpamatica wants to form a strong relationship with you.

Something else that you’ll notice here that isn’t always immediately available with other networks is a link to the “I need more offers!” page. Here, you can request offers that are currently available on other networks. The form asks whether you’re already running this elsewhere, which networks you’re using, the current CPA rate, and the CPA rate you’d need to switch networks. This is very transparent and speaks to the kind of communication you can expect.

List of Affiliate Offers

After you log into your account and gain access to the dashboard, you’ll naturally be very interested to see what offers are available for you to promote. Many of these will already be designated as “active,” meaning you can start promoting them right away. Others are marked as “available.”

While you are initially presented with the entire list, you can click on the “filter” bar near the top to narrow it down based on country, category, or device type. The list of offers can also be sorted by category, payout per lead, daily CAPS, full CAPS, offer name and offer ID, if you’d like.

What I found is that a very large portion of the offers are geared toward the adult and dating verticals. Some of these are in the “adult dating” space, whereas others are more in the “mainstream” dating space. Just about all of them are geotargeted, so you will want to find the offer that is most appropriate to the country you wish to target.

Outside of the adult and dating industries, the next largest subset of offers appears to be subscriptions and pin submits, many of which are for app downloads and similar. Sorting the offers, the highest CPL is currently about 9 Euro, but many offers are based on a percentage payout (up to 85%) instead.

To get some sense of what the offer will look like for your traffic, each offer has a live “preview” link that you can click. Some of these will show you just an image, whereas others will direct you to the corresponding landing page. Clicking on the offer name reveals all the offer details, like in the case above.

You can see what devices, platforms, and countries are allowed, as well as any restrictions that the advertiser may have placed on the offer. In this example, you can’t use an “instant winner” prelander for promotional purposes. You have to indicate the user has a “chance” at winning.

A Better Way to Make Money Online?

With partners like Offervault, Exoclick and TrafficJunky, Cpamatica has quickly propelled itself into the conversation. If you have the right kind of traffic for the right kind of verticals in the right geos, this could be the right affiliate network for you. The dedicated support team and the custom software are there to facilitate your success. They’ve even made it easy for you to use your own domains for tracking links.

It only takes a few moments to register for an account. Simply provide your name, company name and contact information, as well as the top countries and verticals you work with, plus your average monthly revenue. After that, you’ll be provided with the contact information for your personal manager so you can follow up on your application for approval.

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