1 Secret Ritual Experienced Pro Bloggers Follow

Me in Yangon, Myanmar.

No 1080 p videos here.

Nor hours of social networking.

Less guest posts.

Less blog posts.

Less everything.

At 8:21 AM here in Yangon, Myanmar. I fully embrace 1 secret ritual experienced pro bloggers follow.

The internet goes out regularly in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Infrastructure growing as it slowly but steadily opens up to the outside world. From 8-10 nightly the internet goes out completely. For long stretches we’re talking OK but slower loading times. For some weird reason, even though my blog loads A-OK around the globe I can barely visit individual posts and pages here. Wacky connection deal.

So I follow the ritual. A ritual I learned to adhere to over 6 years of world traveling:




But if I think on it, releasing had as much to do with my success as doing anything. Releasing usurped acquiring. Releasing has been a more powerful agent than following any 1 practical blogging tip. Because this non-resistant act helped me let go what I could not control or change to make room for what I actually CAN influence.

Experienced pro bloggers know the deal; they’ve been through the cyber wars. Google updates. Facebook changes. WordPress updates. Twitter updates. New spam laws. LinkedIn changes. Bad internet connections. No internet connections. Collapsed affiliate marketing streams. Etc, etc, etc….

Pros know letting go is the easiest way to make money online. Letting go what you must needs let go is the way to:

  • attract new, prospering ideas
  • detach some from outcomes
  • release your fears
  • blog from love (instead of fear)
  • remain nimble and agile

I can’t do 80% of what I usually do when I have access to a quick internet connection. Being a successful blogger means letting go that 80% immediately – versus complaining about its loss or fighting to keep it – to focus 100% of my blogging energies on the 20% of things I can do here.

I let go 1080 p videos. No juice to upload those suckers in Myanmar. I released spending 1 hour on Twitter for networking. Ditto on extensive blog commenting.

I focus on:

  • publishing posts on Blogging From Paradise
  • publishing guest posts
  • sharing content on social media

because I can write said posts offline when the internet acts up and light social sharing is do-able during less than stellar internet periods.

Doing what I can keeps me energized, light, fun-feeling, peaceful and relaxed. Perfect vibe for fanning the flames under my blogging success despite having spotty internet connections for the next 2 weeks in Myanmar.

Being Not Doing

Struggling newbie or even veteran bloggers falsely believe your actions determine your blogging success. When life intervenes and you are prevented from moving into certain actions – or a high volume of actions – you are screwed, and failure is inevitable.

Wise, experienced, pro bloggers believe this truth: your BEING determines your blogging success, or, your energy determines your blogging success. The energy behind your actions means everything; the actions in and of themselves mean little.

I learned this lesson through energetic trial and error while circling the globe and by being forced to release on what had to go, for me to grow.

I recall having lunch with Zac Johnson a few years ago. He stressed the importance of adapting to change online to succeed with blogging. By letting go the old and worn out and outgrown you make room for the new, fun, exciting and prospering.

Success finds bloggers who release on what they know they need to let go to make room for who they are destined to be.

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