How to Break Bad Blogging Habits

You may be struggling horribly with your blog but have no idea where you’re messing up.

There’s a good chance you picked up a few bad blogging habits along the way.

Publishing thin posts. Trying to do it on your own. Chasing money.

To change your course you must change your habits.

Follow these 6 tips to break your bad blogging habits.

1: Admit the Bad Habit

Nobody likes to see their shadows. But admitting your bad blogging habits is the path to letting the habits go.

I hated admitting how publishing 70 short posts daily – to 2 blogs – wasn’t working some 7 years ago. I did, though. I sucked it up, owned my fears and moved in a different direction.

If you’re struggling with your blog you’re either engaging in bad blogging habits or you’re folllowing sound blogging practices but fear has taken over your mind. In most cases, you are delving into crappy blogging practices and need to admit these mistakes to move forward from a successful space.

2: Learn How to Move in the Opposite Direction

Uncovering your bad habits is one thing. Moving in the opposite direction is another.

Learn how to develop successful blogging habits to move in the other direction of your bad blogging habit.

Example; after figuring out how posting 15 low quality, 200 word blog posts daily isn’t a sound practice you learn how to write a 1,200 word, thorough, linked up and linked out quality post weekly.

3: Hire a Coach

Stop spinning your wheels on failing blogging activities.

Hire a coach. Talk to a consultant. Cut your learning curve. Pinpoint and release your bad habits.

I can spot client bad blogging habits in a heartbeat. Some of these awesome but misguided folks spent months or years doing blog damaging stuff. Hiring a consultant helped them identify and change their habits.

4: Surround Yourself with Experienced Professional Bloggers

I hang with the Blogging Big Dawgs. If I stray toward the bad blogging habit way these folks will nudge me back, away from the Dark Side, toward good blogging habits with their shining example.

If I fearfully obsess over onsite blogging activities Zac Johnson’s aggressive guest posting campaign gets me back on the right track. Ditto with John Chow’s list building or Darren Rowse’s openness to accepting guest posters.

Hang with successes. These folks exude good blogging habits, providing you with rocking blogging habits to follow.

5: Spend Time Daily Clearing Your Inner World

All rough blogging habits root themselves in your inner world.

Or…..blogging is an energy game.

I held back for months on guest posting freely. I wanted to squeeze something – sales or subscribers – out of each guest post. This belief in scarcity ruled my blogging activities.

But I gradually faced, felt and let go this predominant belief in loss, clearing my inner world through meditation, prayer and contemplative thought.

Clearing your inner world roots out the lower energies leading to bad blogging habits.  What’s left? Love, fun and higher energies which help you build good blogging habits.

6: Forgive Yourself if You Fall into Bad Habits Sometimes

Yesterday the internet crashed here. I only wrote one post. No doubt, if the interwebs stayed up I’d have written 3 posts. 1 for Blogging From Paradise, 1 for here and 1 for The Huffington Post.

I’d not call NOT writing 3 posts daily a bad habit per se but the former guilt I’d experienced on not writing 3 a day has since dissolved. Because I don’t beat myself up if I stray toward bad blogging habits. I forgive myself.

Forgive your faux pau’s. Start at step 1. Admit the lapse. Learn how to move in the opposite direction.

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