5 Reasons why You should Update your Blog Regularly

The Content marketing chapter has already turned the tables for many businesses. While you can run a business blog and practice content marketing thereon, updating content is one of the most necessary parts of it.

If your blog is just a churchyard to crappy posts only, you don’t need to read further.

While you’re already facing high competition in your niche no matter whether you have a small scale business or a large industry venture. It becomes your top priority not to lose your readers by hitting them with outdated content. In the fast forward content marketing arena, you can keep and engage your readers by regularly updating your content.

updating content

Here’s Why you must do it

  1. Google loves pages that are updated Regularly

In the content relaunch case study, the fact that Google prefers regularly updated content is proven. And you already know this very well that if the affection of Google with your blog decreases, it can be a drastic task for you to gain it back.

Why Google may love your updated content?

  • You might have updated your blog post with additional content. The longer you write, the higher you rank as lengthy resourceful articles are ranked well always.
  • Because content is the king and Google love it when you add more.

While you’re changing, adding or removing some part of your blog posts to effectively implement your content marketing strategy, Google is taking it as a ranking signal. This is not a bad deal at all.

  1. New Promos/Campaigns on your website

Any promotion hardly remains active for the lifetime. Whenever your business introduces new promotions like an ebook or a video course, you must link to it in the old content that is being read by readers to simply let them know about your new promotions.

Not updating content at the right time may cause you a loss of few hundred bucks only.

Discontinuing or introducing a new feature in your business can also be a reason why you have to look back and edit your old blog posts. In some case, you may find it necessary to delete a certain post as the product focused in the blog post is not being sold anymore by your business.

  1. Readers are Demanding it

If talking about something that does not exist anymore is definitely not the business of your company?

Such part of the content can be there inside a post’s body that has no meaning at all. Vanish it as soon as possible.

If a reader read outdated information on your business blog, he immediately builds a negative ideology in his mind. In case a reader does not find the solution to his problem, A negative impact remains in his mind and People remember negative events more than the positive ones. This gonna be a red signal for your brand and you’ll have to deal with it.

  1. Images and Structure

For the sake of better user experience, you must update and republish your old blog post regularly.

A stunning list post that you wrote back in 2016 with a title “Best SEO techniques that will skyrocket your traffic in 2016” is hardly a clickable title in 2017 while the content was interesting enough that bought tons of shares back in 2016.

Why not share it again with a little twist?

Now, you can update it by replacing 2016 with 2017 with some tweaks in content and the images. Updating your images and making them the latest post by republishing it can get you more shares, more readers, and more traffic without any special research and content creation.

There may be a blog post in which you’re showing some screenshots of your product or a mockup of your website design which has been updated over time. Now you have to change the images and content respectively.

  1. New Reader base that may like your old content

Just to draw a quick rough instance, Suppose you have 1k daily readers today that will increase with the time as a result of publishing content regularly.

Consequently, you gain email subscribers and introduce your blog to a new readers base.

Now hardly 30% of the new readers would be having a clue of the blog posts that you published in past? But that part of the content may be helpful for more than 60% of the new readers in your email list and feed subscribers.

Wrapping up

There can be tons of conditions where content revamp is compulsory. For a quick instance, to comply with the latest technology can also be a reason.

Your Turn

Do you update content on your blog? If yes, what is the reason?

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