4 Vlogging Tips Every Digital Marketer Needs to Follow

Blogging is evolving. The rampant use of multimedia elements – both audio and video has been a fad in blogging for last couple of years. This type of content’s been making inroads with text content and content marketers have been advised – from left, right and the middle to include images and videos to their blog posts.

In 2017, the content landscape is expected to gravitate towards multimedia content even more. Bloggers have been using video to foster engagement. With time, blogging gave way to vlogging. I won’t be surprised if the former is completely superseded by the latter.

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors in the vlogosphere, here are some tips you need to follow:

Explainer videos rock

Explainer videos have changed many dynamics in digital marketing. Before these videos became a trend, B2Bs used to feature typecast multimedia content, which may have been informative for their own kind, but boresome for the general populace.

Explainer videos set its foot as a rebuttal of this culture. Both B2Bs and retail merchants can generate engagement with these videos. Because explainer videos are beholden to a broad-spectrum trend called “infotainment,” which cannibalizes both information and entertainment, there’s something for everybody – whether a frat boy looking for preppy t-shirts or a c-suite executive brushing up his brainstorming skills.

Load your vlog with explainer videos. Follow the below-listed golden rules to make those videos crisp and qualitatively enhanced:

  • Don’t overdo the humor or peppiness. Or else, it will overshadow the video’s informational aspect.
  • The script should be short. Viewers prefer concise lines when the content is in audio-visual format.
  • Use expressions like “you” and “we.” When you these expressions, you address viewers directly.
  • Make sure the script breaks down into a problem, its solution, how to apply the solution and accompanying CTA buttons.

Explainer videos always gives marketers an edge. Hence, make sure you follow the said tips to render high-quality explainer videos.

Tell a story

Storytelling is a great way to communicate with audiences and educate them. Storytelling also helps brands don a humane avatar. People don’t want to see a company logo, they want brands to have identities, and they want to interact with characters. Brands can port this level of personalization only when they consider the “humane era” in branding as a precedent and put content accordingly.

Vlogging can be a live memoir, a DIY instruction manual, sharing new information or simply keeping in touch with viewers. Irrespective of the discourse, the vlogger needs to embed a story in it. It’s not that difficult if one follows these tips:

  • Tinkering with camera: A bit of hands-on filmmaking is not a bad idea. You’ll be familiar with how camera angles/cut work. Continuous shots, neistat montage in which progression is shown using rapid cuts, associative cuts are some of the ways you can open a story and keep it going.
  • Pink a theme: You are not a storyteller but a brand. Your vlog may be telling a story, but the purpose of telling it is to close a sale. Select a theme that you can comfortably link with your story.
  • Plenty of emotion: People remember stories when they can identify with the characters in those stories. To make the identification process smooth, fill the stories with emotion. Make sure audiences are receptive enough. Don’t overdo it though. That will be a distraction.

Storytelling has been making its way into the marketing mainstay. Even busy sales people are now telling stories to their customers. If you are into vlogging, it’s a must.

Create an authority video

Authority videos are viewed by umpteen number of viewers. Unlike an ordinary video, an authority video quickly grabs viewer’s attention and follows the industry standard of publishing. Video marketing experts believe videos can make instant impact on viewers.

Surviving the first 8 seconds of webshop video is hard. These 8 seconds are crucial because viewers quickly decide whether they’d continue watching the video. Authority videos don’t let viewers shift their attention.

Vloggers need to understand how authority videos do the magic in just 8 seconds.

8 seconds may be a short time but it’s enough for an authority video to

  • Prioritizes the viewers
  • Offer them loyalty treatment
  • Keep the branding minimal

When People watch videos, they want new information and zero intrusion from brands. The aforesaid breakdown model of authority video ensures the video offers value to its viewers. No wonder, they stick to watching it.

Consistency and engagement

Maintaining both can be challenging for a vlogger. They sometimes post more videos than normally do for better engagement. It hurts the consistency index.

Industry experts believe posting one video a week is sufficient. Not posting for an entire week means losing connection with viewers. On the other hand, when you post too frequently, viewers get bored and they lose interest.

Consistency affects engagement. If you lack posting cadence, that will negatively impact engagement with viewers. Posting different videos on different networks is better than posting the same video across these networks. Your brand will not perceived in the same way, but in different ways and that’ll give you better niche following.

Maintain consistency in the narrative. When your first video is on a particular topic, your second video shouldn’t deviate from it. Posting two or three follow-up videos on the same topic helps you appear consistent. If you are posting instructional “how-to” type videos. The same thing applies to whiteboard videos, which can be a tool to increase newsletter signup. then post a series of them instead of a single long-duration video.

Summing up

Large companies spend money and create cool videos featuring professional models. Or they create stopmotion or 3D animation video, both of which demand expensive production budget.

Small companies cannot shell out a huge sum of money. So, they resort to hand-picked techniques. They are recommended to follow these four tips if they want to make the most out of vlogging.

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