5 Tips to Make Your Blogger Outreach Campaign Sizzle

As I share my blogger outreach eBook I want to address a pressing problem in the blogging community:


Few bloggers are immune from this mistake as a newbie. Even vets fall prey to this sickness.

I myself ran through a rough patch because I tried to build a successful blog all by myself.

Not a smart move.

All your blogging success flows through other individuals.

By making friends with a crew of bloggers you build a loyal, thriving, supportive community who promotes you, endorses you, buys your eBooks and products and hires you.

Making blogging buddies requires you to build an intelligent blogger outreach campaign.

1: Comment

Comment on popular blogs – related to your niche – to become a blogger outreach dynamo.

I cut my blogging outreach teeth through blog commenting. I’d read posts and share my thoughts on the topic by:

  • addressing fellow bloggers by name
  • creating a valuable, thorough, 2-4 paragraph comment referencing some point made in the post
  • thanking fellow bloggers for sharing their thoughts
  • signing off with my name

Blog commenting is an incredibly easy way for new bloggers to build friendships too. Anybody can read a blog post and share their thoughts in an intelligent manner. Few barriers to entry with this bond-building strategy.

2: Guest Post

Guest post on top blogs from your niche to engage in smart outreach.

I may reach a set number of readers by posting to my blog but when I submit guesties to Pro Blogger I reach an engaged community of 300,000 plus readers. Ditto for reaching a large, thriving community here on Blogging Tips.  Or whenever I guest post on The Huffington Post.

Guest posting is leveraging. You help a large number of readers instantly, helping you expand your reach far and wide through intelligent offsite creation.

3: Feature

Feature other bloggers on your blog.

Through guest posting. Or by interviewing other bloggers. Or by dropping a link in your posts.

I invited David Boozer to guest post on my blog. He came up with this SEO gem.

Give what you want.

Or, feature other bloggers to build friends, to engage in outreach effectively and to land features on top blogs. Simple, powerful way to build your outreach campaign on a rock solid foundation.

4: Forum-ize it

Hang out on forums like The Warrior Forum. Share answers. Help fellow bloggers and internet marketers.

I developed a few potential joint partnerships with other Warriors by spreading love on the platform.

Don’t obsess over selling your wares on any forum. Just help people. Through both free advice and by linking in to your free giveaway or your products and services page.

Forums are goldmines rich with prospering blogging tips and opportunities for new partnerships. Help folks. Answer questions. Spread love. Build friendships with experienced bloggers.

5: Quora-ize it

I am oft spotted on Quora. Because I know sharing insights on active forums like Quora is good outreach.

Quora is a Q and A site covering a range of topics. I focus on answering blogging questions from individuals who seek blog guidance.

Some Quora users follow me to Blogging From Paradise, read my posts and drop comments. Building bonds with Quorites helps augment my blogger outreach campaign as these relationships can sprout into prospering opportunities for both parties.

Your Turn

Do you follow these tips?

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