6 Tips for Aspiring Bloggers

I recall the experience well.

After an initial frenzy of excitement nearly 8 years ago, I was ready to quit blogging.

Never mind this was less than 24 hours into my blogging career.

My wife talked me off the ledge.

But I know the mix of excitement, hope and terror aspiring bloggers experience.

I co-created an audio book on iTunes to help you get through those tough early blogging days:

11 Proven Tips for Aspiring Bloggers

As I release this audio book I wanted to give you 6 tips to ease your transition from aspiring to successful veteran blogger.

1: Follow Your Fun

Follow your fun. Not finances. Not profits. Not popularity.

New bloggers usually blog to GET. Meaning, they are following things or stuff. Which is why they usually struggle.

Successful bloggers predominantly blog to give. Not to get. When you give freely the getting becomes easier and easier. When you blog your fun, you rarely if ever work because you’re playing, not working, and since you are not trying much to get traffic or profits those traffic and profits will flow your way freely.

2: Assess – and Release – Fear-Based Advice

You are human. I am human. So sometimes we offer fear-based advice.

Advice like:

  • if you post too frequently you will annoy your readers (fear of criticism and rejection)
  • if you don’t post enough you will lose readers (fear of lack, belief in the scarcity)
  • If you don’t DO certain things you will fail online (Not true; your BEING, not your DOINGs, determines your online trajectory)

Even hyper successful bloggers mistakenly offer fear-based advice. Advice like, “nobody cares about you”. Advice like, “Blogging is an endless struggle.” These are pure BS, lying, false, mind viruses passed from one fearful mind to other fearful minds.

Reject any advice that comes from scarcity and fear. Filter out garbage. Find the jewels.

3: Be a Sponge to Inspired Knowledge

OK;  some fear-based advice permeates the blog-o-sphere. But oodles and oodles of loving, empowering, inspired advice is circulating out there, ripe for the picking.

Feast on inspired blogging knowledge as a green newbie. Build your blog on a solid foundation. Learn from happy, high energy, successful bloggers. Cut your learning curve by years.

Run a litmus test on blogging advice. Is it offered from an energy of fear and scarcity or love and empowerment? Sponge up the loving energy. Let go the fear-based stuff.

4: Write 500 Words Daily for Practice

Practice writing. To become a better blogger.

New bloggers sometimes believe that they can become skilled bloggers without practicing their writing.

I wrote 500 to 1,000 words daily for practice for months. Even years. Naturally, this practice helped me write and self-publish 126 eBooks and 4 blogging courses. I’ve created hundreds of guest posts and even more posts on Blogging From Paradise because I wrote, wrote and wrote some more. For practice.

Open a Word document. Write. Practice. Trash the document when you are done. Form the habit of honing your writing skills daily to shine brightly in your blogging niche.

Allow your writing voice to surface.

Land more guest post gigs.



5: Promote Other Bloggers Aggressively

POBA. Promote other bloggers aggressively.

Aspiring bloggers often think only about themselves, worrying how they will drive traffic or increase profits.

Market other bloggers to:

  • make friends
  • expand your online presence
  • learn from experienced pros
  • brand yourself intelligently
  • appear to be all over the place even as a newbie

Whatever you want, give it away.

5, 10 or 100 blogging buddies will market you freely, expanding your presence exponentially.

6: Invest in a Personal Development Course

Or even better; invest in a blogging course centered on personal development.

Like my 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course.

Go within to clear the without.

Or, pay for a premium course to root out limiting beliefs that can add years to your learning curve.

All bloggers who struggle horribly for months or years just resist their limiting beliefs. No need to struggle. But you either need to root out these lower energies solo or pay for a course that helps you face, embrace and release these energies.

$100 or $250 or $500 spent now can help you succeed in weeks versus years. That $250 investment in my course can bring a return of $50,000 or $100,000 or more, over the entirety of your blogging career.

Your Turn

How are you building your blog as a newbie?



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