5 Signs of a Great Online Tutor for a Business

You’ve hired an online tutor for your employees to improve your business. How can you know if you have a great online tutor—or just an adequate one? You’ll want to look beyond the feedback of your employees, although their input is a great source of information.

For many business owners, it can be intimidating to trust someone you’ve never met in person with your business needs. However, it’s becoming increasingly common as outsourcing everything, from web design to customer service, has become the norm.

Still, even though online tutoring is usually more affordable than in-person tutoring, you want to ensure you’re spending wisely. Here are a few signs that you’ve found a fantastic online tutor for your employee and who’s on the track to optimize your business, increase productivity, and help your employees do their job better:

  1. You’re seeing quantitative results. What these results depend on your business, the type of tutoring you’ve purchased, the roles of employees who are using the tutoring services, and so on. However, if you didn’t analyze quantitative figures before hiring an online tutor, do it now—or see if you can get previous information. This might include a percentage of errors in registers at the end of the day, satisfaction surveys from your Spanish speaking customers, or another clear form of data you can track. You won’t see instant amazing results with online tutoring, but you should be able to begin noticing a slow and steady improvement.
  2. There are qualitative results. These are innately more difficult to track than quantitative results, but a similar approach should be taken. For starters, ask your employees for their feedback! Make the questions open-ended and the process anonymous. If they feel like they can be honest, you’ll get excellent information on whether the tutoring is helping, in what manner, or what more they might need. In some cases, supplementing online tutoring with in-person tutoring for some employees is the best tactic.
  3. The tutor has glowing reviews. Always check the background, certifications/degrees (if applicable), and student testimonies before choosing a tutor. The tutoring company’s reputation should also be vetted by looking at reviews from unbiased third parties. If that wasn’t done, check it now. Understanding the background and specialties of the tutor you hired is key in making sure your employees are getting the best possible sessions.
  4. Employees seem to look forward to tutoring. Since this is online tutoring, it’s possible you don’t see the reactions and build-up to tutoring sessions. However, if you do, consider your employees’ attitude when tutoring is coming up or just after a session has ended. Do they seem excited, nervous, or apathetic? You can tell a lot by body language and non-verbal cues—as well as verbal ones!
  5. You’re getting positive tertiary feedback. Whether it’s from customers, investors, employees who work with those getting tutored, or the management team, if you’re getting feedback that’s positive following online tutoring, that’s a great sign. Any positive feedback that you don’t overtly ask for should be treated like gold. It’s this kind of data that can help you build a better continuing learning program now and in the future.

As you move forward with online tutoring, make sure to connect with the tutor and/or tutoring company yourself to acquire their input as well. They have an entirely new perspective on the process and might have advice on how you can better prepare such services for your employees. Having as many perspectives as possible is the best way to get a well-rounded, positive experience from online tutoring.

As your employees and goals change, your tutoring needs might, too. While it’s great to have a long-term tutor on board, occasionally earmark time to look around. Maybe you need to add more tutors, or could use a fresh perspective.

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