5 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging

All blogging struggles occur when you deviate from the fundamentals.

Success finds the blogger who sticks to the fundamentals.

I slammed into nightmarish scenarios in the past because I ignored what was working – even if my progress appeared to be slow – to start doing what was NOT working.

Don’t make my dingbatish mistake from the past.

Follow these 5 blogging fundamentals.

1: Follow Your Fun

What can you gab about all day long?

Blog about it.

Because following your fun makes you irresistible to:

  • creative ideas
  • profitable ideas
  • experienced bloggers
  • money
  • brilliance
  • prospering circumstances

Blog predominantly for fun to detach more from anchor-like outcomes.

This way, you will persist through thick and thin, keeping at it and succeeding over the long haul.

2: Blog with Love

Blog with love.

Don’t blog from the predominant energy of fear.

Most bloggers mean well but blog fearfully, doing things from a place of scarcity. A place of lack and limitation.

Put your fear to the side. Do things from a loving, caring space as you create and connect.

On a Friday afternoon – the weekend here in Qatar – I can try to publish this post in a hurry, to make sure I get enough content out there. That’s fear-based blogging.

Or I can blog with love, patiently creating this post from a calm, peaceful, helpful, deliberate space.

Blogging with love magnetizes you to success. Because you won’t be doing the fear-based, failure inducing things that cripple most blogging careers.

3: Create

Create helpful content to:

  • help your readers
  • serve your readers
  • have fun
  • spread love
  • allow your readers to trust you
  • create resources for your audience

Creators stand out because creators are servants, helping their audience every step of the way.

I publish 3 or more posts weekly on my blog. I also publish a guest post here and on The Huffington Post to help bloggers build successful blogs. I want to assist you. What better way to serve than to create a steady flow of useful content for you to consume and enjoy?

No need to be a volume creator. Publishing one post weekly works nicely. If however you fall in love with writing….write! Do not hold back because every thought you share multiplies as you release it. Every blog post you publish expands exponentially when you release it to the blogosphere, aiding an increasing number of bloggers and prospering you too.

4: Connect

Connect with successful bloggers from your niche by:

  • promoting bloggers through social media
  • commenting on blogs
  • featuring bloggers on your blog

I help a ton of bloggers daily. I make a ton of blogging buddies daily.

By helping people you build new connections, making you a connected blogger. Connected bloggers succeed wildly online because when you know people, folks tend to see you as connected, omni-present and a trusted resource in your blogging niche.

Don’t try to blog solo. Impossible feat in today’s world of connected bloggers who diligently built their networks over months and years.

The lone wolf starves during lean times but the pack thrives at all times.

5: MOP

Monetize on passions. Your passions.

Open blogging income streams based on activities you enjoy.

I love writing. So I wrote and self-published 126 eBooks. I offer freelance writing services. I converted 30 plus eBooks to both audio books and paperbacks.

Love what you do, profiting-wise, so the work/play is the reward. Then the money will just be the icing on the cake. The cherry on top.

Adopt this type of energy to earn steady profits online.

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