5 Monetizing Tips for Travel Bloggers

Me at my current location in Doha, Qatar.

I kicked around my Blogging From Paradise audio book library on iTunes today and saw this listen:

7 Smart Monetizing Tips for Hungry Travel Bloggers

When I created BFP I fell stunned at the number of travel bloggers who returned home every few months – or yearly – just to boost their savings for future travels.

If you crave being a full time digital nomad – like me – follow these tips to travel indefinitely while taking your mobile sources of income with you.

1: Follow Your Fun

I have SO much fun telling entertaining, humorous travel stories on my blog.

You will rarely if ever see a “5 fun things to do in (insert travel hot spot)” type post on Blogging From Paradise. Not fun to me.

Go with your heart. Follow your fun. Blog your fun.

By blogging your fun your energy becomes irresistible to like-minded readers who become a rabidly loyal, paying audience. A travel blogging tribe if you will.

2: Profit on Passions


Profit. On. Passions.

Love hamming it up for the mic? Run a podcast on traveling. Or on travel blogging. Sell ad space as your listener base grows. Or promote your products and services through your podcast.

Love writing? Be a freelancer. Write and self-publish eBooks on Amazon.

I love gabbing so I created the 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course. I even tossed in a bonus audio course.

The alleged work in creating the course was really fun. So the work was the reward. Any sales are icing on the cake.

Fab attitude to take if you want to make money through your travel blog.

3: Establish MSI

Open multiple streams of income.

Boost your blogging cash flow.

Struggling travel bloggers generally place all their eggs in a sponsored post and advertising revenue basket.

Until you gain traction online and clear out money blocks folks won’t knock your door down trying to advertise on your blog.

Consider these income streams:

  • freelance writing
  • blog coaching
  • affiliate marketing (selling helpful travel packages or services, earning a cut of profits)
  • writing and self-publishing travel guides on Amazon
  • self-publishing audio books on Audible

I wrote a Savusavu Fiji travel guide after my brilliant experience in this island paradise.

Boost your travel blogging cash flow by receiving royalty paments and payments for services rendered through 3, 5, 10 channels or more.

Just add a channel every 3-6 months to learn the income stream inside out and to establish profits through each channel.

4: Create Offsite too

Create on your blog. Creators prosper. Ya know this one by now methinks as I have beaten you bloody with this advice.

But do not neglect offsite creations. Because creating offsite expands your presence far and wide, building your network and….your net worth.

I guest post daily here and on The Huffington Post.

I also write 1-3 guesties weekly on other blogs.

I respond to questions on Quora. I respond to questions on the Warrior Forum.

It’s a big world out there, travel bloggers.

If you want to increase your income get out there, help people, meet people and do a majority of creating off of your blog to employ the principle of leveraging.

5: The Money Is in Your Energy

Some mistakenly feel you make money through specific blogging income streams.

Not true.

Some travel bloggers believe the money is in your content.

Not entirely.

You make money based on your energy around money.

Bloggers who blog from a loving, inspired, helpful space make a ton of dough because they don’t yield to the fear-filled states of mind most travel bloggers fall prey to. If you are blogging mainly to have fun and to help people you won’t fear losing money or traffic or opportunities. This largely detached, chill, loving vibe is the money making energy that prospering bloggers hold throughout their day.

If you seem to be making peanuts through travel blogging you cling to strong, deep fears about money, and about loss. Feel the fears. However unpleasant. Because after letting go lower energies you allow in money, profitable ideas and prospering bloggers and readers who will boost your cash flow.

The eBook

7 Smart Monetizing Tips for Hungry Travel Bloggers (Amazon eBook)

Your Turn

Fellow travel bloggers, what tips can you add to this list?

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