5 Tips for Landing Interviews on Popular Podcasts

As I’m rolling out a new audio book on iTunes about landing interviews on popular podcasts I want to help you give your blog the love it deserves.

You may be barely sniffing features on top podcasts. Or maybe you wrote off trying to land on well-known podcasts completely, feeling it’s impossible to be featured on these high-ranking shows.

After landing spots on a few popular podcasts which are top ranked iTunes shows I’m sharing 5 tips to help you land these sugary sweet gigs.

More blog traffic, more clients, more customers and more exposure can flow your way if you can nab a few of these in-demand spots on highly-rated shows.

1: Have Fun with the Interview Process

Have fun online.

Having fun with the interview/feature process helps you maintain a largely detached vibe from nabbing interviews.

This is the exact energy that makes you irresistible to gals and guys who run popular podcasts.

2: Blog YOUR Story

This – after tip 1 – is the key step to take if you want to land on top podcasts.

Successful podcasters want something different. Something new.

Since no 2 stories are alike you offer something different by telling your authentic, special story in your blogging/writing voice.

All I do on Blogging From Paradise I do from my perspective. I add travel stories to most posts. I write in my voice. Even if it makes English teachers cringe like I just ran my finger nails across a chalkboard. I tell my story in my voice because nobody can replicate my story, in my voice.

YOUR story is exactly what top podcasters want to hear. So tell it. Don’t hold back.

Pepper personal stories into blog posts, drawing analogies between your life and your niche.

Write 500 words daily for practice to find your writing voice.

Tell your story to appeal to big dawg podcasters.

3: Comment on Popular Podcaster’s Blogs

You know I’m a blog commenting nut.

Commenting on blogs – both related to your niche and top podcaster blogs:

  • helps you build friendships with top podcasting big dawgs
  • draws attention from other top podcasters
  • helps you pop up on the radar of top bloggers from your niche

Blog commenting is a free, simple way to build bonds, to leverage your presence and to drive traffic to your blog. I see it as an easy way to appear to be all over the place without running around like a chicken with your head cut off.

4: Invest in a Guest Directory

I pay a monthly fee to appear on:

Interview Guests Directory

I landed on a few famous podcasts as well as a famous radio show through this minimal investment.

Pony up. Pay up to increase your exposure. Invest in expanding your presence. Always think of your returns if you haggle over spending a few dollars each month.

5: Guest Post

Guest posting expands your online presence far and wide.

Guest post on top podcaster’s blogs and top blogs from your niche.

Leverage your presence, help large listener bases and readerships and land interviews on highly rated, popular podcasts.

The Audio Book (and eBook)

How to Land Interviews on Popular Podcasts (iTunes Audio Book)

How to Land Interviews on Popular Podcasts (Amazon eBook)

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

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