Using InvoiceBerry to Track Business Financial Growth

How many of us here employ proper finance tracking method? Usually, it’s all about sending an invoice through PayPal and maintaining an excel sheet of income and expenses. But, this process doesn’t give a holistic picture of your finances – income growth, expenses, and investments.

Wouldn’t it be great if we can send a quote, track expenditures and payments, and create reports for monitoring our business performance, all on a single website? Today, I will talk about InvoiceBerry, which is an online expense management and invoicing software, totally suited for traders, freelancers, and small businesses. This fast and simple invoicing software eases the job of billing and expense management and is always with you on your PC, tablet, or laptop, whether you are at home or globetrotting.

I started using InvoiceBerry recently, and it has totally simplified how I conduct business.

The invoicing software offers easy-to-maintain finance tracking account that facilitates freelancers and small businesses to manage, send and create invoices. With InvoiceBerry web service, you have everything on one site, such as maintaining records of all your important documents for tax deductions, audits, invoicing and much else.

Using InvoiceBerry

It takes a couple of minutes to get started. You get the features of creating, managing, and sending invoices to clients on your fingertips. The invoicing software offers free invoice templates, customized to suit various businesses, and other convenient features, such as setting the currency you trade in, managing customer’s lists, creating invoices with details of items – quantities, prices and applicable taxes – listed on it.

Once the invoice is prepared, you can send it directly to the customer and retain a copy in PDF format and take a printout of its hardcopy. On the payment front, you have the option to record payments against clients or through their credit personally.

InvoiceBerry account

Turning a ‘Quote’ into Invoice

This is my personal favorite. You can send a project “quote” through the InvoiceBerry dashboard, and once the deal is accepted, the “quote” is turned into a billable invoice. A single click is all it needs to create a bill from the pre-existing quotations.

You don’t even have to keep track of recurring invoicing; the recurring invoicing feature sends the invoices to the same client on a regular basis. You can also send credit notes, customized messages and ‘thank you’ notes to customers for payments received.


You can invoice with over 200 currencies. All the transactions are secured with 256-bit AES SSL encryption, and your accounts backup is readily available.

Tracking Performance

InvoiceBerry proves indispensable for finance management for a small business since it allows the users to track their business performance through a performance report created by the software. This is in addition to tracking expenses and payments. You get a clear picture of how your business is functioning.

It does not thrust a standard invoice layout on you but gives you the freedom to give it a professional look by adding your company’s logo. This personal touch makes a very positive impact on customers and gives them the feeling of dealing with you, rather than an impersonal website.

Just imagine creating and sending an invoice to the customer within 60 seconds that would have taken you minutes to figure out! It isn’t easy in Excel either. Unbelievable to say the least. Their innovative software design is ideally suited for small businesses and freelancers.

That is not all, InvoiceBerry also has the wherewithal to send invoices regularly to the same client on the chosen date and time through its invoicing autopilot that automatically schedules and send out invoices.

You can also change the quotes of already existing invoices by using the required free invoice template design to send to the client and send reminders to customers, who have not paid in time.

InvoiceBerry also has provisions for corresponding directly with customers via emails. Little wonder this online software handles invoice related tasks most efficiently and saves time for you to focus on other aspects of your business.


InvoiceBerry is free for one user and billing three clients only. Their $15 a month plan includes 35 clients, two users and 15 invoice templates. The one I use is the $30 a month plan which is for unlimited clients, unlimited users and 15 invoice templates.

On a closing note, InvoiceBerry is a convenient and an efficient invoicing software that is much in demand. The service it provides is more than enough to offset its price.

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