3 Sneaky and Paralyzing Blogging Financial Limiting Beliefs

Running a professional blog requires a financial investment on your part.

Or, multiple investments.

As I write these words from exotic and opulent Doha, Qatar, I can say that I have invested thousands of dollars on my blog.

That’s nothing compared to guys like John Chow.

Unfortunately some sneaky limiting beliefs concerning blogging and financial investments may be playing havoc with your mind, stunting your growth.

If you are struggling to expand your blog, see if any of these blogging financial limiting beliefs plague your mind.

1: Playing Small So You Need Not Pay for a Domain and Hosting

Thank the gods I invested in a domain and hosting from day #1 as a pro blogger.

But many of my blogging buddies are not in the same boat.

Some want to dip their toes into the blogging game. To see if it “works”. Or to see if blogging is worth the time and energy of making a financial investment.

This is like a 35 year old opening a lemonade stand in their parent’s front yard – with lemonade mix from their parent’s pantry – to see if running your own business works. Or, if it’s worth it.

See how much success you experience by using a free domain with shared hosting. Go ahead. I dare you.

Stop pussy-footing it. Stop beating around the bush. Buy a domain and hosting today. Commit to growing a professional blog.

2: Playing Small So You Need Not Pay for Premium Hosting

As my blog traffic grew I needed to upgrade my domain and hosting.

My old cheapie, $3 to $7 a month hosting package – price varying due to promotional periods – didn’t cut it anymore.

Like a silly boy, I resisted upgrading from cheap to premium hosting for months. Because back then, I’d rather play small and pay 3 bucks a month versus playing big and spending $10 to $20 a month for premium hosting.

My blog was down for hours a day. Yes, HOURS. Load times spanned eons. Patient readers stuck around. Everybody else bolted.

Finally, I decided to play big. I guest posted and commented on top blogs and chose to invest in premium hosting, more than $7 bucks a month.

Depending on exchange rates I’ve paid from $10 to closer to $20 a month for super hosting to ensure my blog stays up 99% of the time and loads quickly.

Stop hiding away. Have fun, spread love, make friends and then, when the time comes, invest money in professional, premium hosting so you can enjoy the benefits of running a pro blog.

3: Playing Small So You Need Not Pay for Premium List Building

I have a confession to make.

I played small for a while after deciding to build my email list. I did not want to pay for subscribers. Saw this as a waste of funds. What a dingbat.

Anyway, I did not intend to grow my list quickly because I feared slapping down my chedda when my list grew past a set point.

I avoided guest posting, pulled back on blog commenting and neglected offering a beneficial, relevant, freebie list builder because I feared seeing my list grow to enter the realms of premium list building.

This may sound insane. But your mind plays tricks on you sometimes. Because if you fear growth – and the time and energy and financial investments you will be required to make, as you grow – you tend to play small, to avoid the very growth you fear.

Play big. Decide to grow, to have fun and to succeed AND to make any investments necessary to keep growing a professional, thriving blog.

The Blanket Solution for All 3 Limiting Beliefs

Address your fears around money. Feel your belief in scarcity.

Then, blog mainly for fun, with love.

You will both allow in money and spend money freely to expand your blogging presence.

Consider investing in my blogging personal development course to help you build a successful blog from the inside out.

Your Turn

Are you playing small to avoid investing in your blog?

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