You Cannot Blog Perfect

At 5:30 AM today I let the cats out from the home where we are house sitting in Qatar.

I looked down at my Chromebook for 30 seconds.

When I looked up one of the cats vanished.

Left the yard. Exited stage left. Or somehow.

Which caused my wife to flip. And me to semi-flip. Because a few folks in this area see cats as vermin. Meaning our 4 legged friend could have next seen us again in the afterlife.

We searched for the tom for hours. To no avail.

Facebook Fails

A few minutes ago someone message requested me on Facebook.

I accepted.

They proceeded to attempt to video call me 4 times. I attempted to video call then twice. Bad connection on their end. Did not work. Yet they continued to attempt to call me. I politely blocked them and 🙂 smiled, asking them to email me their question and thanking them for their time.

A few minutes before that I learned how little I knew about search on Google. I posted an update to the awesome Blogging Boost Group explaining how I ranked #4 on Google for “how to submit a guest post”. Which looked that way on my end. But which wasn’t true. Because I learned your personal search results vary from general search results. Or something like that.

For a few moments, I felt like a complete idiot. Shout out to Minuca Elena for dropping the 411 on this one via Facebook.

I deleted the post and learned from the commentors who stressed her point as well as other points on SEO.

My neck hurts now. I’m getting over a nasty cold. I slept poorly.

My blog theme does not agree with all the spam shields I know of. So spam gets through. And I need to delete these as they arrive/post.

I am a blogging work in progress.

Thank God.

This proves I am human.

I am largely at peace being human because humans cannot blog perfect. Accepting this idea liberates you.

My Day and Blogging Perfect

Today is a perfect analogy for how quickly things can go from seemingly perfect to very un-perfect.

All was well at 5 AM. Then the cat escaped. During a 30 second stretch of being human aka looking away from the cat in the backyard.

He eventually sauntered back to the house 4 hours later but we stressed quite a bit before he arrived and scoured the grounds 3 separate times, between the both of us.

I tried to help the individual on Facebook and Blogging Boosters, only to be frustrated and feel dingbatish given the tech fail and my ignorance of search engines.

As for BFP, my blog rocks. But is far from perfect. Just like every blog in the world.

Despite your best intentions, things will go to custard with your blog and with your life, sometimes.

You cannot blog perfect because unless demi-gods are reading Zac’s blog, you are all human. Humans make mistakes. Humans criticize and fail and flounder and get angry and sad and depressed and embarrassed because sometimes, things don’t go our way. In life. Or with our blogs.

If you can embrace this idea – you cannot blog perfect – you can become a blogging Buddha of sorts. This acceptance goads you to:

Blog with Love for Fun

Versus, blogging out of fear, to get stuff.

Perfectionist bloggers fear criticism and failure, and simply want to GET validation or love or money or traffic or praise. They feel the need to line things up perfectly to properly accept themselves. Or to get others to accept them.

Bloggers who know you cannot blog perfect simply blog with loving kindness, for fun, so they already got their reward (following their passion) and if cool things happen that’s just icing on the cake, and if imperfect/sucky things happen, this crowd embraces and releases the imperfect situations, and proceeds to the next moment, helping, serving, connecting and succeeding.

When you cease making perfection your blogging goal, you can relax, have fun and roll with whatever the blogging gods seem to throw at you, nimbly stepping over obstacles and growing like a blogging weed.

Your Turn

Are you trying to blog perfect?

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