Meet Matthew Loomis of Build Your Own Blog

One day I Googled the term “blogging“.

I found Build Your Own Blog hovering near the top of page 1.

It made perfect sense that Matthew Loomis, the blogging wizard behind this dynamite blog, should appear near the top of the rankings.

He does Google proud in all things blogging.

The Who

No; this sub header is no ode to rock bands.

It’s a bit about Matthew.

He helps you build your own blog, walking you through the set up process we all cringe at as green, dyed in the wool newbies. Goodness knows I could have used his guidance nearly a decade ago when all I knew about the interwebs was email, and Facebook.

Why I Dig Matthew

He is a sensational resource who puts emphasis on the quality of your content before anything else.

He is also an incredibly nice guy who I count as a good friend. REALLY good people.

Systems rock. Following proven steps to build your blog helps ease your transition from amateur to pro blogger. But content is the fuel that powers your blogging engine. Think premium. Not regular.  Had to go with the gas analogy, typing these words from Doha, Qatar.

If you scroll through Matthew’s blog you will be inundated with a rich library of tutorials to help you hit the ground running with your blog. As a guy who struggled like a worm wriggling on the 125 degree Qatar concrete (during summer months) for the first 3 years of my blogging career I know that “What in the hell am I doing?” feeling plaguing most bloggers.

Build Your Own Blog lays out, step by step, the actions to take to steadily build your traffic and income through sticking to the fundamentals.

In addition to the free content he shares readily through his blog Mr. Loomis offers coaching services to help clients get their blogs up and running without pulling their hair out in the process. Knowing how knowledgeable, kind and generous he is I can only highly recommend his coaching services and anything that has his fingerprints on it.

The guy’s a pro’s pro.

Where He’s Been Featured

Matthew has been featured on world renowned sites like Forbes and Inc.

He is one of the preeminent blogging authorities, a blogging big dawg who shares his experience to help you cyber rock it out.

The Image

I found this picture of Matthew when stalking his Facebook page.

Perfectly sums up what he can help you do; run a profitable, helpful business based on rendering service from home or from anywhere on earth, because if you have internet access and a laptop you have the basics for engineering a freeing, fun life through blogging.

Today is my birthday. I got up at 1:10 AM in Doha, Qatar because I am still feeling some jet lag. So I published a blog post. Wrote and published this guest post. I will go back to sleep in a minute – at 6:02 AM – then a few hours later my wife Kelli and I will visit The Pearl, a man made island in Qatar that embodies the opulence and luxury fitting of the wealthiest country on earth.

What a birthday! What a life!

It’s possible for you too if you latch onto mentors like Matthew, building your blog the right way.

The Show

Richard Kiley ain’t got nothing on Matthew’s honey-silk-laden voice.

Which makes his The Blog Chronicles show that much more appealing.

When I was living in Cyprus he interviewed me to chat about writing a travel blog from paradise.

This series is entertaining, robust, informative and a must listen for any aspiring or professional blogger.

He actually just interviewed my friend Maxwell Ivey the Blind Blogger in a hyper inspirational piece that WILL goad you to challenge your excuses.

The Wrap Up

I want to exit stage left now to give you time to visit his blog.

Poke around.


If you want to learn the nuts and bolts of building a successful blog from the ground up follow Matthew’s blog at:

Build Your Own Blog

Your Turn

Do you know Matthew?

How are you building your blog?

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